30 Easy Things to Draw for Beginners

Trying to figure out what to draw can get overwhelming, especially when you’re first starting to learn the art. It can be frustrating to attempt a drawing and find it too challenging to finish.

The following topics and drawing techniques will help you develop your drawing skills as a beginner artist. These can build your confidence, and later you can move on to more advanced concepts. If you’re already an advanced artist, these ideas and tutorials can help you practice basic skills.

1. Draw a 3D Hand

This exercise is a fun and easy way to get the creative juices flowing. Simply trace your hand onto a piece of paper and add contour lines to make it look 3D. It’s impressive and quite simple to do.

2. Complete the Vases/Faces Exercise

Betty Edwards, author of the acclaimed drawing book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, recommends this exercise to teach students how to draw what they see. This exercise may look simple, but it will challenge your brain to switch into “drawing mode.” The vases/faces exercise would make for a great warm-up before drawing other portraits or profiles.

3. Do a Blind Contour Drawing

In a similar vein to Betty Edward’s exercise, a blind contour drawing can help you take your mind off of what you’re “supposed” to draw and help you draw what you see.

Simply pick something in front of you, like a lamp or a piece of furniture, and draw it without looking at the piece of paper. The result will be messy, but it helps your brain and your hand get used to talking to one another. Plus, you could create an original abstract drawing out of the result.

4. Draw an Impossible Triangle

This exercise is another simple one that produces a satisfying result. You can add to the challenge by trying to draw this Impossible Triangle without a ruler. The triangle drawing will help you practice drawing straight lines unaided, which is a challenging skill to master.

5. Draw a Paisley Pattern

This pattern is a cute design motif. After drawing one paisley, you may want to add more of these easy objects in order to create a repeating pattern.

6. Draw Simple Roses

These simple roses are great for bullet journal spreads or any other area where you want to spice up the design a bit. It simplifies the structure of the flower while still giving the illusion of lots of layers of petals.

7. Draw a Cup of Coffee

This cup of coffee will brighten your day, and help you practice perspective. Note that the cup is on a 3/4 view, which means you’ll need to line things up correctly to make it look right. But with the help of this tutorial, you’ll be able to finish your morning off with a perfect 2D cup of coffee.

8. Draw a Realistic Eye

What’s more impressive and fun than a realistic eye? Eyes are so expressive, and you can use yourself as a reference – see how many different eyes you can create using this easy guide.

9. Draw a Still Life of an Ordinary Object

It might not sound like fun, but drawing a still life of an ordinary object can be entertaining once you begin. You can make the drawing as simple or as detailed as you like. Plus, the process will give you a new appreciation of the objects you encounter every day.

10. Draw a Bird’s Feather

A simple feather is a great and simple thing to draw. For an added challenge, draw patterns on them or layer the feathers and make an entire bird wing!

11. Draw a Realistic Tree

Trees are fantastic because they can come in all kinds of different shapes. Use this tutorial as a guide and try drawing a large old tree, a pine tree, or a tree losing its leaves in the wintertime. You can place many trees together to create a forest scene.

12. Try Hand-Lettering Your Favorite Quote

Even for experienced artists, hand-lettering can be tricky. Start with this simple tutorial to draw out some interesting words to add to your future art and designs.

13. Draw Some Crystals

Crystals seem daunting, but this easy tutorial helps break down their complicated shapes into simple polygons. Break out some paints or colored pencils to turn your sketch into a beautifully finished piece.

14. Draw a Mouth with a Tongue

Drawing this classic image will be a fun exercise. You can even color it in with any lipstick color you like, or have the tongue licking some ice cream or a lollipop.

15. Draw Easy Hair

This short manga-style hair is an excellent way to practice a cartoon character drawing. You can use yours for inspiration or search the web for some cool hair designs to practice.

16. Draw a Nose

This tutorial breaks the nose down into its most basic shapes. This nose will fit with most character designs, but feel free to exaggerate some features to make your characters look memorable.

17. Draw a Cat

This adorable cat is sure to be fun to draw. Grab a very dark pencil or marker to make the darker ears, eyes, and limbs pop. Here are 25 easy cat drawing ideas.

18. Draw an Elephant

One step up from a panda bear might be this elephant drawing. You can move his trunk around to make this elephant very expressive. Maybe even draw a circus outfit for him, or create a background of the wild savannah for him to live in.

19. Draw a Bicycle

This drawing tutorial breaks the bicycle down into many different simple shapes. Use a ruler and a compass to make your lines and circles perfect. Add a basket of flowers at the front of the bike for a beautiful, classic touch.

20. Draw Hands the Easy Way

Hands are notoriously difficult to draw for many artists, but there is an easy way to do it. Never fail to impress by using this method. You can even use your own hands as a reference while you draw, so you have an unlimited number of poses to choose from.

21. Draw an Orchid

This orchid drawing will be harder than the simple rose listed above, but following the steps should make the process easier. You can color your orchid any way you please, using watercolors, acrylics, markers, or colored pencils.

22. Draw the Llama from Fortnite

Everyone is into Fortnite these days, so take some inspiration from this popular game and draw this colorful llama character. You can make it blue and purple like this example, or you can color it in any way you like.

23. Draw an Ice Cream

This delicious-looking ice cream cone is very easy to draw. Plus it can be any flavor you choose! This ice cream is zero calories, no matter how much of it you draw.

24. Draw a Lion

Starting with easy shapes will allow you to draw a ferocious lion. You can add the mane to make it a male or remove the mane to make it a female lioness.

25. Draw a Whale

Underwater scenes are beautiful and classic. Add some fish and other ocean creatures to your finished whale drawing.

26. Draw Simple Leaf Shapes

These simple, beautiful leaf shapes are a great way to fill up a page! Like trees, leaves can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. See how many different leaves you can draw!

27. Draw a Butterfly

Drawing butterflies from various angles are great for practicing insects. Plus, you can add interesting and complicated patterns to their wings. Different species of butterflies have patterned wings. Will yours be a monarch butterfly? A swallowtail? A birdwing?

28. Do a Gesture Drawing

If you have a friend, partner, or roommate in your house, recruit them as a model, and do a gesture drawing. These are loose and fluid drawings that help you practice the human form. If you want to do an easy piece, you can draw loose gestures of their face. If you want a challenge, have them stand in a variety of different poses and angles.

29. Draw Some Honey

If you want to get colorful, you can try drawing some shiny, 3D-looking honey. You could do this with colored pencils, paints, or pastels. Be sure to add lots of shine and contrast to make this drawing look realistic and delicious.

30. Draw a Mini-Cactus

This charming drawing is a quick and easy way to create a cute work of art. Add as many cactus nodes or spines as you’d like. You can even draw a beautiful cactus flower on top!

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