Welcome to The Beginning Artist!

Just like many of you, I started experimenting with pencils and paint as a child and would often anger my parents by painting on everything around me. Except for the continuous scolding, I liked to bring out my imaginary world onto paper and share it with everyone around me.

As time passed and I grew up, I had less and less free time on my hands and I got frustrated when I compared myself with others.

Eventually I completely stopped my artistic endeavor, started something with lots of numbers and thought I wouldn’t need to pick up a colored pencil or paint brush ever again.

Yet a persistent feeling kept bothering me over the years and I finally realized what it is.

It is the need to express myself, convey stories and keep my artistic juices flowing.

Here at The Beginning Artist we hope to empower other aspiring artists to once more pick up their brushes, pencils or any other preferred medium and show the world your story!