Best Alcohol Based Markers For Artists In 2019

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You are not a true artist until you own a few ink markers for coloring, painting, and lettering. Good markers will give you vibrant and lasting colors, while cheap markers often lead to faded colors and smudging.

If you are like me, you probably tried to save money and experimented with some of these low quality markers with pretty bad results. That’s why I created a list of the best alcohol based markers, so hopefully at least a few people can save themselves the headache of finding the right one.

Why Alcohol Ink Markers?

The performance of your paint markers is roughly determined by the ink, which is normally water or alcohol based. So if you are new to markers you might not understand why there is such an emphasis on alcohol markers and the water-based ones are pretty much ignored.

The reason for this is that it’s pretty much generally accepted that alcohol markers perform better; they have more vivid colors, dry faster, and are easier to work with. It’s no surprise that most professional markers use alcohol-based inks.

alcohol pen & marker

Blendable Markers

However, the main reason why so many people choose alcohol markers is because they make it super easy to blend different colors together.

To be fair, water based markers can be blended a little as long as the colors are very similar. But with alcohol markers you can often even blend completely different colors together. And even after drying, you can change the color by using a blender marker or rubbing alcohol.

Not only does this give a lot more artistic freedom, it’s also great because you don’t have to buy a new marker for every shade or color you need.

Best Markers for Artists

It might come as no surprise that Copic markers are on the top of my list of the best markers. For some people, alcohol markers are pretty much synonymous with Copic markers.

Copic is by far the most popular choice and accounts for a large share of high quality markers sold each year. They come in more than 100 different colors, are super easy to blend together, and can be refilled when needed.

For more information you can read my other article on Copic markers.

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Copic Marker Alternatives

Copic markers might be the best option in terms of quality, they are also some of the most expensive markers around. So it’s no surprise many people are looking for markers like Copic with similar performance but for a lower price as an alternative.

Before are 3 cheap alcohol based markers you can use if you are looking for cheap alcohol based marker.

1. Artify Artist Markers

The markers by Artify are overall a solid choice. The tips are very durable and the ink flows smoothly, which allows for clean lines without bleeding or smearing, even after using them for a long time.

Most colors blend pretty well, and the white marker can be used to help blend the more challenging colors.

Additionally, these markers come in a surprising range of different colors. Not as many as Copic markers, but more than enough to start with.

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2. Darice Studio Markers

These brush tip alcohol markers by Darice are the cheapest ones on the list.

Like the other markers, they have a separate tip on each side and color coded such that you can easily find the color you need in your collection of markers.

They produce fluid lines on both smooth and rough paper, which makes them versatile and easy to use.

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3. Spectrum Noir Markers

Personally I don’t have much experience using the Spectrum Noir markers, but I have heard very good reviews about them.

The colors are really bright and consistent, the ink only takes a few seconds to dry, and these markers can be refilled a well.

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