Are Wooden Candle Wicks Better?

Wooden wicks are eco-friendly options that burn better than cotton candle wicks. When using a wooden wick, you are more likely to burn the surface area of your candle evenly because it creates a more consistent flame.

The candle wick you use can have a big impact on how the candle burns. For instance, the size of the candlewick will determine how much wax to supplied to the flame and how quickly your candle will burn.

While other wicks like cotton require a lot of land and resources to make, wooden wicks have little impact on the environment. A single tree can be used to produce thousands of wicks.

Wick makers source the ingredients naturally, and they are efficient when burned, meaning they do not emit harmful toxins.

The type of wooden wick you use when making your candles is important because it can differentiate between an effective burn and an ineffective burn.

What are the benefits of wooden wicks?

Wooden candle wicks have many benefits compared to normal wicks, like sustainability, clean-burning, and much more. When you use a candle with a wooden wick, you do not release harmful ingredients into your breathable space. 

Wooden wicks are made from natural ingredients without a need for oils on the exterior of the wick, making for a much cleaner burn. 

Wooden wicks are sustainable candle wicks. They source wood from the nearby area and then manufacturer the materials into a wick that you may use to burn your wax. The wick is entirely natural, and most companies produce organic wicks with fruit, vegetable, or plant-infused materials inside too.

Wooden wicks burn more evenly, utilizing your candle to its fullest and accomplishing the best scent throw.

Are wooden wicks better than normal wicks?

People typically consider wooden wicks better because they do not harm the environment like cotton wicks. Furthermore, the wooden wick has a more even burn than traditional wicks, making it a better choice for candle-making. They burn evenly and take less time to heat the wax, helping them throw scent more efficiently.

Wooden wicks are better because they burn more evenly than regular cotton wicks. Unlike cotton candle wicks, the wooden candle wick creates a horizontal flame, which burns the surface area of the candle quicker than the vertical-burning cotton wick. Burning more evenly means that your candle will throw scent better than candles with cotton wicks. And it takes a shorter time to throw scent because the wax heats quicker.

Wooden wicks are good for the environment because they source trees and use them to produce environmentally-conscious products. Cotton takes a large toll on nature because it takes an excess of land to produce. Ironically, wooden wicks take less because they are organic, recycled products. Wooden wicks come from tree mills and lumber camps in areas where logging was inevitable. 

How to make wooden wick candles?

You can use almost any type of wood to make candle wicks from. So you want to go with a type of wood that is cheap and easy to work with, such as balsa wood.

Start by cutting the wood into the right size. You normally want the wicks to be about 1 inch longer than what the candle is going to be.

Then place the wicks in olive oil and let them soak for about half an hour. When the time is up, you can remove the wicks from the oil again and clean them with paper towels.

You can now use the wooden wicks in your candles. But ideally you’ll some wick tabs specifically designed for wooden wicks as well.

In the video below, you’ll see how to make candles at home with your wooden wicks:

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