Beginner’s Guide To Art Markers

Any aspiring artist should have high-quality art markers at their disposal. Regardless what medium you use for your art, being able to sketch some quick ideas can help you tremendously in the brainstorming phase.

Unfortunately, not all markers are equally good. And there are quite a few cheap markers that really don’t live up to the standards.

So here you can find all our related articles that will help you find the right markers for you.

Must Read Articles!

The following articles are the most popular on the site and are a great way to get familiar with art markers. They’ll get you started with the right markers, the right paper, and a list of fun things to draw.

Copic Markers

Copic markers are the most popular art markers among professional artists. So I’ve written about these markers quite a bit. Below, you can find all the Copic marker related articles.

Comparing Art Markers

Although Copic markers are great, they are also a little too expensive for most beginning artists. So I’ve tried out and compared Copics with a variety of cheaper alternatives.

Below you can find all the comparisons and reviews. Some of them are almost as good as Copic markers, whereas other I would stay away from.

best markers to write on wood

Other Marker Related Articles

There are a lot of topics that don’t quite fit together nicely. So here you can find all the other articles on markers that you might find interesting.

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