Arteza Vs Prismacolor Markers

There are so many art markers to choose from that it can feel a little overwhelming when you are buying markers for the first time.

Arteza and Prismacolor markers are both great options for beginning artists and a lot cheaper than the Copic markers.

So today I’ll go over all the similarities and differences between Arteza and Prismacolor markers to help you choose one of them.

What are Arteza markers?

Although Arteza might be a relatively new brand, they have quickly become popular. They are known for selling good quality products for a very affordable price.

When it comes to markers, they sell water-based and alcohol-based markers.

For this article, I’ll focus on the Arteza Everblend markers, since they are alcohol-based and the most similar to Prismacolor markers.

These markers contain a lot of pigmented and look very vibrant. They are great for shading, layering and blending while coloring.

What are Prismacolor marker?

Prismacolor markers are affordable alcohol-based markers that come in a variety of saturated colors.

You can buy them individually, but it’s more common to buy a big set of markers at once.

Due to their vibrant colors, they can be used in any project for which you really want your colors to pop.

It’s easy to blend colors with them, and they don’t leave obvious streaks of color.

Similarities between Arteza and Prismacolor

Let’s start with what both markers have in common.

Both the Prismacolor markers as the Arteza Everblend are alcohol-based markers, which is great because alcohol inks are ideal for smooth blending and layering. They also don’t leave as many streaks as water-based markers.

Moreover, both markers are dual-ended, so they have a different nib on each end. Having two nibs readily available makes these markers way more versatile than regular markers.

Both brands also offer their markers in a wide range of different colors. This makes it easy to choose a set of markers with exactly the colors you need and it makes blending easier.

Unfortunately, neither marker can be refilled with new ink. So once your marker runs dry, you’ll have to buy new ones.


  • Alcohol-based ink
  • Dual-ended
  • Not refillable
  • Wide range of colors

Differences between Prismacolor and Arteza

Now that we know why both markers are great, let’s take a look at the differences between Prismacolor and Arteza markers:

Barrel shape

The Prismacolor markers have a rounded barrel similar to a regular pen that is comfortable to hold.

The first thing you will probably notice when you see Arteza markers is their strange triangular shape.

Holding these markers takes some time to get used to. But they are surprisingly comfortable to hold.

Prismacolor Markers

  • Rounded barrel
  • Comfortable to hold

Arteza markers

  • Triangular shape
  • Takes a while to get used to


The nibs of Prismacolor markers are not replaceable. So if your nibs are deformed or damaged you will have to buy new markers even though the old ones still have ink left in them.

On the flip side, the Arteza markers can be replaced. So if you accidentally drop one of your markers on the floor, you can still save it by changing the nib.

When it comes to the types of nibs, both markers have a fine and chisel nib.

Prismacolor Markers

  • Nibs can not be removed
  • If your nib is damaged, you need to buy a new marker

Arteza markers

  • Nibs are removable
  • Damaged nibs can be replaced


Depending on where you buy your markers and if there are any discounts, the price can obviously fluctuate.

If you can find a good deal, Prismacolor markers cost around $2.50 ~ $3.00 each.

A standard set of 60 Arteza Evergreen markers costs around $75, which makes a single marker cost roughly $1.25.

So Arteza markers are roughly 2x to 3x cheaper than the Prismacolor markers. However, both of them are still cheaper than Copic markers.

Prismacolor Markers

  • More expensive than Arteza markers
  • Cheaper than Copic markers

Arteza markers

  • Cheaper than Prismacolor markers
  • Cheaper than Copic markers

Arteza Vs Prismacolor: direct comparison

So far, so good. But the most important question is of course how it feels to work with either of these markers and what the end result looks like.

Let’s first look at an example of using the Prismacolor markers.

Having some good markers can really make a night and day different compared to the cheaper markers. Not only can you see it in the final result, it also feels much easier to get the smooth blending.

Now let’s look at the Arteza markers next!

Remember that these markers are quite a bit cheaper than the Prismacolor markers.

Nevertheless, they Arteza markers are very easy to use and blending is pretty simple. With the right paper, you’ll also have pretty minimal bleeding.


Both the Arteza markers and Prismacolor markers are great options if you are buying art markers for the first time.

They both come in plenty of colors, are affordable, and blend easily.

Although you can’t refill them with new ink, they’ll probably last for quite a while. And by that time, you can decide if you want to upgrade to the more expensive Copic markers or stay with the same markers.

Personally, I do prefer Copic markers because I like the colors a little better.

So if you are curious, you can read my article on Copic vs Arteza and Copic vs Prismacolor markers.

If not, you can buy either Prismacolor or Arteza markers by following the links below.

Prismacolor Markers

  • Alcohol-based ink
  • Dual nibs
  • Fixed nibs
  • Not refillable
  • Oval barrel
  • More expensive

Arteza Markers

  • Alcohol-based ink
  • Dual nibs
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Not refillable
  • Triangular barrel
  • Affordable

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