Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Artists Working with Colored Pencils

Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for ArtistsAnyone artist working with pencils knows that you constantly have to sharpen them to get the best result. If not, your pencils will quickly go blunt and you won’t be able to use them to add any kind of details.

Since manually sharpening your pencils every few minutes can be quite laborious, buying an electric pencil sharpener can be an option for some.

Especially if you are using some expensive colored pencils, you don’t want to waste anything by sharpening them shorter than necessary with a manual sharpener.

Today I’ll share some of the best electric pencil sharpener for artists and how to distinguish the good ones from the ones you should avoid.

Top Rated Pencil Sharpeners

Humble Genius

best electric sharpener for colored pencilsFor artists, we definitely recommend the Humble Genius electric pencil sharpener.

As an artist, you might have pencils of different sizes and brands. You probably don’t want to waste money and time by looking for the best electric sharpener for Prismacolors, the best one for watercolor pencils, etc.

The Humble Genius sharpener comes with 6 different sized openings to allow for many different colored pencils. It also comes with an auto-stop function so you don’t over-sharpen your expensive pencils and has a large shaving receptacle, so you don’t have to stop working on your artwork midway through to empty it.

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what is the best electric pencil sharpenerFinally, for people that don’t have particularly high expectations of their sharpener but just got tired of doing it manually, the Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener might be the best electric pencil sharpener for you.

It comes in either blue or black depending on what you prefer and has a compact design that will save precious space on your desk.

Although it can only take regular sized pencils and has no built-in auto-stop function, it does come at a cheaper price point than most other electric sharpeners.

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School Smart

best pencil sharpener for drawingOur first recommendation is the School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener. This machine packs a bunch and is able to handle a heavy load.

It operates quietly, has a wide footprint that prevents tipping over and also includes an automatic stop for safety, making this one of the best school electric sharpeners. The automatic stop also makes your pencils last longer, since it will only sharpen the pencils just enough and prevents the little ones from pushing in the whole pencil.

It has a large enough shaving compartment, so you won’t have to clean it more than ones a day. This model is designed to handle the heavy burden of a classroom, so it can definitely handle a demanding artist as well!

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How To Find an Electric Pencil Sharpener Good for Colored Pencils?

Although most electric sharpeners look similar on the outside, there are actually quite a few things to consider before buying.

First, it is important to notice that pencils come in many different sizes and shapes, from 8mm diameter to 10.5mm diameter; round, hexagonal and triangular. Obviously, not every type of pencil will match with every type of sharpener. Most sharpeners are built for the standard 8mm pencil, so if you are using a different kind of pencil, make sure to buy a special sharpener. If you use pencils of many different sizes and shapes from different brands, then the best electric pencil sharpener for your needs might be one that has different openings for different sizes.

The angle at which the pencils are sharpened can also change from model to model. If sharpened at a very large angle, the resulting pencil will have a sturdy tip and is relatively resistant to breaking. A smaller angle will expose more lead with a sharp tip, but as a result you will have to sharpen more often as it will be prone to breaking.

Also, consider the cleanliness of the electric sharpener. Luckily most electric sharpeners nowadays will collect the shaving for easy disposal afterward. If you are looking to buy a sharpener for a classroom environment where you know it will be used a lot, consider buying a model with an extra-large shaving receptacle so you only need to empty it once a day.

Additionally, if you are a teacher and looking for the best electric pencil sharpener for classroom settings you should also consider the quietness and safety of the machine. To keep a pleasant classroom atmosphere, you don’t want a machine which a very loud motor. And if you are working with younger kids, safety is always first of course and features like auto-stop can come in handy. Also instead of a front-facing hole model, a model with the holes on top is recommended since they are normally more stable.

A good sharpener is also a crucial piece of sketching equipment for artists. If you are an artist looking for the best electric sharpener, you might want to consider buying a model that has an adjustable sharpness setting to get exactly the kind of point you need on your colored pencils.

Most sharpeners either require batteries or a cord to operate and both come with their pros and cons. If the machine uses a cord, it can only be used next to a wall outlet and the wires might clutter an otherwise clean working space. Batteries, on the other hand, can be used anywhere conveniently. But if you are planning to use your electric sharpener a lot, having to replace batteries on a regular basis might not be the most cost-efficient choice. A few models have solved this problem by having both batteries and a cord.