Personalize Your Writing by Using the Best Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens

If you recently get a new fountain pen and are you ready to write amazing handwritten cards and notes?

You probably want to consider buying some fountain pen ink too.

If you use the fountain pen as much as me, you will probably run out of ink quite frequently. Besides, owning a variety of different color inks will let you pick the right ink for the job.

Best Fountain Pen Ink

Best Fountain Pen Ink Brands

If you have a stellar fountain pen, you probably want to match that with some high quality fountain pen ink. Companies such as Parker, Waterman, and Pelikan are not only known for their fountain pens, but also for providing some of the best fountain pen ink in the world. However, recently a lot of new brands have popped up so there is definitely plenty of choices if you are looking for cheaper ink.

Although not strictly necessary, many people opt to buy the ink from the same company as their fountain pen. This is a smart idea if your fountain pen works with cartridges since you need the exact right size.

However, if your fountain pen can use bottled ink it’s worth checking out some of the inks from other companies. Although many companies give their inks the same name, they can look quite different on paper. For example, blue ink from company A can look much darker than blue ink from company B. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Best budget fountain pen

Choosing the Best Fountain Pen Ink for You

As mentioned above, for ink cartridges we generally recommend you look for cartridges from the same company as your fountain pen. Also, keep in mind that if you bought a very cheap fountain pen it might not be refillable at all.

For owners of refillable fountain pens that work with bottled ink, we made a list below of some of the best fountain pen inks there are. Although we couldn’t possibly include every single ink, we have selected some of the most common colors from a variety of different brands. Simply clicking on the images below will take you to Amazon.


Sailor - Black

Waterman - Black

Pilot - Black

Sheaffer - Black

Parker - Black


Waterman - Serenity Blue

Mont Blanc - Royal Blue

Pilot - Dark Turquoise

Diamine - Majestic Blue

Pelikan - Royal Blue


Waterman - Audacious Red

Pilot - Crimson Glory Vine

Diamine - Oxblood

Sheaffer - Skrip Red

J. Herbin - Rouge Hematite


Waterman - Tender Purple

Pilot - Beautyberry Purple


Waterman - Harmonious Green

Pilot - Bamboo Forest Light Green


Pilot - Sunset Orange

Thornton - Orange


Waterman - Absolute Brown

Pilot - Golden Brown

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