25 Simple & Cute Cat Drawing Ideas

Do you love cats just as much as I do?

Ever since I adopted two kittens, there hasn’t been a day that they didn’t make me laugh with their weird behavior and tricks.

Cats are also a lot of fun to draw, and it’s not as hard as you might expect.

Below you can find 25 simple and cute cat drawings that you can try out yourself!

1. Cute Cat

Chibi animals are very easy to draw and they look super cute as well. You can recognize them by the large head and big eyes.

2. Purring Cat

Nothing is as satisfying as hearing your cat make happy purring sounds. Why not try to capture it in a drawing?

3. Cat Laying On Its Back

Cats that are laying on their backs are just asking to be cuddles, right?! This cat drawing always makes me want to hug someone.

4. Cat With Heart

This cat drawing is super simple, but I love the design. It’s amazing how you can make such a meaningful drawing with just a single line. What other logos can you think of that incorporates cats?

5. Happy Kitten

Whenever I see small kittens, I just have to go and pet them. All cats are cute, but kittens are just a little cuter!

6. Bored Cat

Life isn’t easy, even for a cat. This cat drawing shows exactly how I feel whenever it’s Monday again and gave me a good laugh.

7. Cat Looking Up

Whether it’s time for a treat or for dinner, whenever my cat sees me walk into the kitchen, she follows me and looks up to me.

8. Flower Pot & Cat

A little doodle of a cat hiding in a flower pot. This drawing is super easy, so give it a try!

9. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is perhaps the most famous cat every. So if you are looking for a simple cat drawing, why not give Hello Kitty a try?

10. Cat Walking

Most drawings are of cats sitting or laying down, because that’s often easier to draw. But if you want to challenge yourself, try drawing a cat that’s walking.

11. Donut Cat

A cute doodle of a cat inside a donut. I’m not sure if the cat is tiny, or if the donut is huge. But it’s cute non-the-less. If you don’t like donuts, consider what items your cat likes to sit in and make a drawing of that.

12. Yin Yang Cat

What’s better than just one cat? That’s right: two cats!

This drawing of a black cat and white cat forming the yin yang symbol is super clever and not difficult at all.

13. Sleeping Cat

Cats look so cute when they are sleeping. It makes you wonder what they are dreaming of, right? Try to draw your cat next time he’s sleeping. They are easier to draw when they don’t move.

14. Cat Looking Back

Every tried to sneak up behind a cat? It’s pretty much impossible. Before you even get close they’ll turn their little head and ask you what you are doing.

15. Spooky Cat

If you want to draw a cat that is both cute and scary at the same time, how about this ghostly cat?

16. Cat With Plant

Another drawing for a happy cat with its plant. This is a pretty easy drawing that pretty much anyone can do. Of course, you can just draw this cute cat without the plant as well.

17. Cartoon Cat

The cat is draw with a very clear cartoon style. If you have trouble drawing a cat walking, trying to replicate this drawing could help you.

18. Reading Cat

Here is a cute little drawing of a cat reading a book. But since cat’s don’t really know how to read, I’m assuming it’s a picture book. Maybe the book is about how to catch fish!

19. Cats In Love

This is a great simple drawing of two cats sitting on a tree branch with their tails forming a heart. You can draw these cats sitting on any surface if you want, like a romantic sunset.

20. Fishing Cat

Cats love to eat fish! But it’s not easy to get your hands on a delicious fish if your owner gives you standard cat food all the time. So sometimes you have to go fishing yourself!

21. Cat And Moon

A cute drawing of a black cat looking at the moon. This is a pretty simple drawing, but you might want to use a geometry compass or a bowl to draw the circle.

22. Cat Looking Up

Are you preparing some food for your cat? Your cat probably already knows what’s going on and followed you into the kitchen. Here is a cute drawing of a cat looking at its owner preparing a delicious meal.

23. Cat With Glasses

Look at this cool cat wearing his sunflower-shaped sunglasses. I’m not sure if he likes or dislikes summer, but his fashion is on point!

24. Happy Cat

A little doodle of a cat laying in the sun and enjoying his day. This drawing is pretty easy and looks super cute.

25. Realistic Cat Drawing

The last drawing on this list is actually not as simple as the others. But a lot of people are interested in drawing realistic cats as well, so I decided to include one of them.

If you tried to follow along with this video and didn’t really get the results that you wanted, don’t worry!

You can try one of the other easier drawings first.

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