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What Silhouette Should I Buy?

Do you want to buy a Silhouette machine, but not quite sure which one would suit you best? You are not alone. Silhouette sells several machines, and it’s not directly obvious which one you should buy. So in this post, I’ll compare all the different Silhouette machines, such that you can choose which Silhouette is…


Weaving Terms: 16 Important Words You Need To Know

Do you feel lost when it comes to weaving? Many guides, tutorials and online weaving courses use special weaving terminology that you might not be familiar with. This of course makes it more difficult to start learning than necessary. That’s why we composed some of the most important weaving terms and definitions that you need…


How To Finish Weaving On A Rigid Heddle Loom

The last step of any weaving project is always to remove the weave from the loom. Fortunately, learning this isn’t as difficult as learning how to warp a loom. However, to prevent your weave from falling apart and unraveling, it’s important to learn how to finish a weaving loom project the right way.


Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Inkle Loom Weaving

If you are into weaving you are probably familiar with a frame, circle or rigid heddle loom. But have you tried weaving with an inkle loom before? Inkle weaving is a versatile way to make braided tapes, strips, and bands. But a single look is all it takes to realize that inkle weaving is quite…


7 Essential Hand Loom Weaving Tools And Materials

So you want to start weaving. Then you are probably wondering what you need to buy to get started, right? You don’t want to buy anything unnecessary, but you also don’t want to miss out on anything essential. A quick search online will show you that there are dozens of different weaving tools available. But…


How To Choose The Best Yarn For Weaving?

You can’t weave without any yarn. The type, color and weight of the yarn will determine how the final weave is going to look like. So choosing which weaving yarn to use might very well be the most important step when weaving. Keep reading to know what yarn to use for weaving.