10 Famous Ceramic Artists Taking The World By Storm

Ceramics and pottery might be tens of thousands of years old, but even today artists find new and innovative ways to give a unique spin to their pots, plates, and vases.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever before to look at and be inspired by the work of others.

Below, you can find my 10 favorite ceramic artist that you should follow on Instagram.

1. Sandra Apperloo

well known ceramic artists

Sandra’s ceramics come in delightfully unique shapes and hold thoughtful little faces. The Pottery Parade, an Amsterdam-based shop by Sandra Apperloo, is undoubtedly one of the Instagram audience’s favorite ceramicists, with more than 140,000 followers.

What can you say about smiley jewelry dishes or odd but cute-looking tall vases? If you are looking for an extraordinary conversation starter and stress-relieving plates and planters, this is the shop to check out.

These vases also make for good gift ideas, especially among other pottery enthusiast.

2. Ronit Baranga

famous potters

Ronit is one of the world’s most famous ceramic artists, with more than 127,000 followers on Instagram. Ronit Baranga is an artist from Israel and uses clay and porcelain to create tableware such as bowls and plates.

His unique flower vases with human fingers and hands have become extremely popular. His creations contain human emotions and will surely capture yours.

3. Heather Knight

best ceramic artists

This is my favorite ceramicist on Instagram, and judging by her 103,000 followers, I’m sure I’m not alone. Element Clay Studio is a US-based ceramic shop that ships plant pots, vases, wall art tiles, and bowls internationally.

Heather started doing ceramics in her high school years and has never stopped since. Her love for what she does shows in her delicate creations that is reminiscent of the relaxing vibes at the beach.

4. Jode Pankhurst

pottery artists

Jode’s style is unique yet modern and stylish. It is both cheerful and minimalist. Most of her works include black lines and glossy splashes of teal and graphic shapes.

She also seems to love terracotta and gold on her porcelain vases and stoneware pots.

Jode is a London-based artist with 16,000 followers on Instagram. She also runs ceramic workshops and is someone to watch out for.

5. Hitomi Hosono

most famous ceramic artists

It is almost impossible for someone not to appreciate Hitomi’s ceramic creations. Hitomi Hosono, who has more than 33,700 followers on Instagram, said that her porcelain pieces are inspired by beauty in nature.

She is a London-based Japanese ceramicist whose botanical sculptures are crafted by slowly building up hundreds of petals or leaves that can take years to create. These famous creations are inspired by her homeland, Japan, and the United Kingdom, where she now lives.

Hitomi Hosono said that her botanical design collections aim to transfer the beauty and details of the leaves into her ceramic works to weave new stories for objects.

6. Annie Woodford

famous pottery artists

Annie takes the idea of ancient Greek culture to create ceramic structures. She uses the concept of the past, present, and future in her masterpieces and makes natural items.

She is known for her unique ideas and has been awarded the Juliet Gomperts Memorial Trust award by the Society of Scottish Artists Prize, and many more.

If you like to add some unique character to your feed, follow her Instagram account now.

7. Nicolette Johnson

popular ceramic artists

When I first saw her works, I immediately became a fan. Most of her creations are vases that are traditional but exploring symmetry, surrealistic and experimental motifs.

Nicolette Johnson has more than 62,000 followers on Instagram, where she showcases her creations. She is based in Australia and only began working as a ceramicist when she left her career as a photographer in 2015.

8. Eric Roinestad

famous ceramicists

Eric describes his creations as modern with a nod to the past. Eric Roinestad is based in Los Angeles and started his career as a ceramic artist in 2016.

He loves historical patterns and creates vessels that artfully merge motifs of Memphis and ancient Greek designs. If you are into creations with unglazed shapes, don’t forget to check out his Instagram account with more than 29,000 followers.

9. Paola Paronetto


Paola is a no ordinary ceramic artist who cherishes clay’s erratic nature. She is an Italian ceramicist with 32,000 followers on Instagram.

She has been making paper clay ceramics for more than a decade now and has been making forms using a process that involves corrugated cardboard and liquid clay.

Most of her pieces are bottles and vases with imperfections that add to their appeal. Every home should have a touch of her creation.

10. Carol Long

famous ceramic artists

Carol’s passion for making clay and mud sculptures started from her childhood days. She has the ability to capture nature’s beauty in her work through the use of several ceramic materials.

Her passion shows in her elegant and stylish jars. She uses marvelous stones and bright colors that result in unique items.

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