Copic Ciao Marker Set A Vs B: How To Choose The Right One

Are you looking to buy a Copic Ciao set of 72 colors?

You probably came to this page because you weren’t sure which set to get.

There are currently two choices: set A or set B.

Buying Copic markers for the first time is never easy.

You don’t want to make the wrong decision afterall.

Let’s see how to choose the best Ciao marker set for you.

What’s the difference?

The only difference between the Ciao 72pc color set A and B are the colors of the markers.

Everything else such as the ink, nibs, and barrel shape are all the same.

So let’s first take a look at which colors are included

The colors included in set A are as follows:

As you can see, there set A is a collection of warm colors but also includes a variety of greens and purples.

Let’s also take a look at all the colors included in set B.

As you can see, set B has a lot of neutral colors and there are not as many saturated colors as in set A.

How to choose

Before buying either set, you will have to carefully consider what you will be using your Copic markers for.

If you want to color anime or cartoons, you will need plenty of skin colors and saturated colors that really pop.

In that case set A would probably be your best choice.

Moreover, set A is great for blending and gradating since the colors form very good blending groups.

Since I know that most people that use Copics like to use them for manga, I would say that set A is definitely the standard choice for Ciao markers.

This is what Copic had to say about it themselves:

Set A is recommended for everybody from beginners to experts

On the flip side, if you are a designer, you probably aren’t looking for colors that are too saturated and set B might be the better option.

Set B is also better suited for drawing landscapes, since it includes more blue, green, and earth colors.

Copic Ciao Set A

Copic Ciao Set B

Where to buy Copic Ciao markers

Most local art stores will sell alcohol-based markers. But unfortunately, they don’t always have Copic markers.

Or if they do, they might not have the bigger sets of 72 colors.

That’s why I normally buy Copic markers on Amazon. It’s easy, fast, and they have all the different options available.

However, if you want to buy your Copic markers for cheap, it always pays to compare several online stores.

It you are lucky, you might find a sale or some temporary discount coupon.

Why are Copic Ciao markers cheaper?

You probably know that beside Ciao markers, Copic also sells Copic Sketch and Copic Classic markers.

So why is Ciao cheaper than the other two?

The answer can be found in the size and the ink of the marker.

It’s true that all three Copic markers use the same ink. But because the Ciao is the smallest, it also contains the least amount of ink.

Let’s compare how much ink each marker holds:

  • Copic Ciao: 1.4 ml
  • Copic Ciao: 1.8 ml
  • Copic Classic: 2.5 ml

Of course, there are also some other differences between these markers such as their nibs and barrel shape.

But the main reason for the price difference is the amount of ink that is included with each marker.

For more information, you can my article comparing the best Copic markers.

Which paper to use with Ciao markers?

Copic markers are some of the best alcohol-based art markers you can find.

But without the right paper, you will trouble blending the colors and your markers might bleed straight through the paper.

To prevent this, you will need to use paper that is thick enough such that it can absorb a fair amount of ink without bleeding, blotching, or warping.

I like to use X-Press It blending card that you can find on Amazon by clicking here.

However, if you don’t like to work with such thick paper, you can find some alternatives in my article on the best paper for Copic markers.

Copic Ciao Set A

Copic Ciao Set B

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