Best Cheap Copic Marker Alternatives

If you have been around artists, you know that Copic markers are the best you can get. Pretty much anyone that has tried them fell in love with them right away.

However, another thing we can all agree on is that Copic markers cost a pretty penny. As a professional artist, you might be willing to make the investment. But as a beginner, you probably want to go with a Copic marker alternative that’s more affordable.

As an art lover, I researched and found some great alternatives for Copic markers available on the market.

Here are 10 markers in no particular order that are (nearly) just as good as Copic markers, but cost significantly less.

1. Shuttle Art Dual Tip Color Markers

Shuttle Art offers some of the best color markers at a great price. Their markers come with dual tips, triangular barrels, and excellent blending capability, which allows you to layer and blend the colors well. The colors are just as vibrant as Copic markers, but unfortunately there isn’t as much variety to choose from.


· They offer a colorless blender with the set.

· Barrels are designed ergonomically.

· Comes with a case.


· Less colors than Copic

2. Arteza Alcohol Art Markers

Arteza alcohol art markers come equipped with dual tips, a range of colors, and set options for a reasonable price. However, the variety of colors isn’t very much. The tip of these markers is very well-chiseled and light, which allows for precise and nice coloring.


· The price is pretty good.

· It comes with an ergonomic shape.

· The colors are vibrant and good in blending and layering.


· There’s not a lot of variety.

· The quality is not as excellent as Copic.

3. Art-n-Fly Professional Brush Markers

Art-n-Fly offers some of the best professional brush markers in the industry. These markers are known for their low prices and longevity. The color options are vast, and the quality of the color markers is pretty great as well. There are two tips on the markers, one on either side.


· A lot of vibrant color options.

· Refillable up to 15 times.


· The barrel is slim, and the grip can be loose.

4. Memoffice Dual-Tip Alcohol Markers

Memoffice dual-tip alcohol markers are the closest to Copic Markers when we talk about the variety of colors. These markers also come with dual tips, and the price is surprisingly reasonable. In addition, the quality of the color and the layering are both pretty good. Overall, it is an excellent alternative for Copic markers if you can’t afford them.


· The color options are very versatile.

· Dual tips are firm and durable.

· Price is excellent.


· The longevity of these markers isn’t the best.

5. Arrtx Alcohol-Based Color Markers

The Arrtx Alcohol-Based Color Markers are premium in quality. The color options are very versatile as well as the design of the box is perfect for giving as a gift. The price of these markers is pretty high, but they’re worth it. The tips of these markers are durable.


· The designer box is pretty great.

· The color options are excellent.

· The durable tips will last long.


· Price is expensive.

6. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Markers

Prismacolor are known for their top-notch quality. The Prismacolor 3620 premier double-ended markers are or good quality, the design is crisp, and the colors look very vibrant. There are double tips, one of the tips is slim, and the other is broad, which opens many avenues.


· The design of the markers is fantastic.

· Prismacolor markers are very high in quality.


· The variety isn’t that great in their sets.

7. Ohuhu Alcohol Brush Markers

Ohuhu Alcohol Brush Markers might seem inexpensive, but they’re incredibly significant. The vibrancy of the colors, along with so many options to choose from, they’re so good. The best thing is that the dual tips can be reversed when they wear out.


· Dual tips and invertible tips as well.

· Many options of colors to choose from.

· Blender included as well.


· Not very long-lasting.

8. Copic Ciao Alcohol Markers

Another alternative for the standard Copic marker is the Copic Ciao alcohol markers. Although these are also Copic makers, they contain a little less ink and are therefore cheaper than the regular Copic markers. That being said, you can expect the same level of quality from both the standard Copic and the Copic Ciao markers.


· Refillable and reusable.

· They’re permanent markers with excellent color quality.

· Plastic case is pretty cool.


· Not many color options available.

9. Shinhan Touch Twin Markers

When we talk about premium alternatives for Copic Markers, Shinhan Touch Twin Markers are the first kind to come to mind. They’re amazingly high-quality, very durable, stunning-looking, vibrant, and available in many colors. Their design is also ergonomic, and they’re odorless.


· They’re ergonomic twin markers.

· The box is beautiful for gifting.

· The colors are of outstanding quality.


· These markers are expensive.

10. Caliart Alcohol Markers

Another good quality yet significantly lower priced Copic markers alternative is Caliart. Their markers are permanent, dual-tipped, alcohol-based, and acceptable in terms of quality. In addition, they have color-coded caps and over 200 options that you can choose from.


· Caliart markers come with a nice handling bag.

· The quality of the color is great.

· The marks are permanent and will remain for a long time.


· Blending can be an issue.

What Makes Copic Markers So Special?

Copic Markers are highly professional color markers used by artists and hobbyists because of their long-term usage capability, a wide variety of colors, great features, and excellent benefits.

On either end of Copic Markers, you have nibs which means you can use the other one if one isn’t working the way you want. Finally, in the center of Copic Markers, you have the reservoir.

Within this reservoir, you have a high-quality alcohol-based ink that is toxin-free. The colors, the vibrance, and the capabilities that Copic Markers provide you are hard to match.

Another great thing about Copic Markers is that you can keep using them even if they wear out. The reservoirs are refillable, and the nibs can be changed, so if you’ve developed a love for one of the markers, you can keep it with you for a long time.

These are just some of why Copic Markers are usually considered the industry leaders in the color marker game. And this is precisely why they’re so popular among artists and art lovers.

Disadvantages of Copic Markers

Copic Markers also have some problems that are often overlooked and under-discussed. I believe it is essential to talk about them to overcome them and create stunning and perfect art. Let’s take a look at some of them.

· Expensive Price – Due to their premium quality and long-term usability, along with the brand’s immense popularity, Copic Markers are significantly more expensive than other varieties of color markers available in the market.

· Marker Bleeding – If you’re not a very quick thinker and take your time-making strokes, you need to be aware of this problem. Many Copic Markers are said to bleed quickly, which means that a stroke that stays on the paper too long might put a blob on it. That’s why you need to use special marker paper.

· Nib Breakage – Although this problem isn’t that big since the nibs are replaceable, it is still something worth mentioning because you need to be careful of using these markers due to their sensitive nibs.


Copic markers are great, but not everybody needs to pay excessively for the quality and benefits they offer. That’s why choosing a marker from the ones mentioned above is going to help your art projects.

If you still think Copic is the right choice for you, then read our article on the best Copic markers for beginners. If you choose the right colors, you really don’t need a lot of markers to get started.

I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you will make the right buying decision. So then, have an epic time coloring, layering, and blending with your preferred markers!

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