3 Ways To Refill Copic Markers – One Of Them Is Super Easy!

There is no need to waste money.

When your Copic markers run out of ink, you can simply refill it. No need to buy Copic markers over and over again.

The ability to refill Copic markers is one of the main advantages over other ink markers.

And refilling the ink doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Here are 3 different methods to refill your Copic markers.

how to refill copic markers with alcohol

How to refill Copic markers?


There are 3 different ways to refill your markers: the drip method, direct refilling, and the booster method.

When refilling, you always want to make sure that you are using the original Copic marker ink.

Other alcohol-based inks or water-based inks might clog the markers.

One bottle of Copic Various Ink can refill a Ciao marker 13 times, a sketch marker 8-10 times, classic marker 7-9 times and a wide marker 5-6 times.

1 Drip method

The drip method is the simplest way to refill your Copic markers and the method we recommend to most beginners since it can be used on all models.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Uncap the marker on both ends
  2. Drip ink onto the broad nib while holding the marker at an angle
  3. Dab any excess ink with a tissue and remove spills with rubbing alcohol

Slowly the ink will move from the broad nib to the smaller nib. When the marker is completely filled with ink, the smaller nib will start to leak ink. So make sure to place some old newspaper on the table before you start.

How many drops to refill a Copic marker?

Exactly how many drops you will need to refill depends on which type of markers you have. But roughly 20 to 30 drops should be enough for the Ciao, Sketch and Classic markers.

Since the wide marker has a bigger ink reservoir, it normally takes more than 30 drops.

2 Direct refilling

If you have Copic nib tweezers, you can also remove the nib and refill the ink reservoir directly.

This is much faster than refilling the ink one drop at a time. Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the chisel nib with the tweezers
  2. Open the cap on the opposite side as well to prevent air bubbles
  3. Pour the ink directly into the opening
  4. Put the nib back in place

Make sure to be careful while using the tweezers since you can easily damage the nib if you use other tools.

3 Booster Method

This method uses a Copic refill booster, which makes refilling much faster and cleaner if you get the hang of it.

  1. Attach the booster needle to the ink bottle
  2. Remove the chisel nib with the Copic tweezers
  3. Squeeze ink directly into the marker

Tips to keep in mind

1 Remove the nibs with care

The nibs of your marker are very delicate and can get damaged easily. Especially the brush nib.

So you always want to remove the chisel nib and not the brush nib.

When removing the nib pull it out from the base and don’t apply too much force.

2 Don’t overfill

It’s better to refill too little than to refill too much. So you want to try to stop refilling before the marker is completely full.

Keep in mind that different markers can hold different amounts of ink:

  • Classic markers 2~3 cc
  • Sketch markers ~2 cc
  • Ciao markers 1~1.5 cc
  • Wide markers 3~4 cc