Fun & Easy Cricut Infusible Ink Project Ideas

The Cricut machines are so versatile, that there are always new crafts and DIY projects to try out.

If you like to use vinyl to decorate your shirts, blankets, tote bags, you might also want to try out the Cricut Infusible inks once.

You can make very similar projects with the heat transfer vinyl and the infusible inks. But the big difference is that ink actually dyes the fabric, whereas vinyl just sticks to the surface.

So with infusible inks, you don’t have to worry about peeling, cracking, or wrinkling.

You can use any Cricut cutting machine to cut the ink transfer sheets in the right shape, and then use the Cricut EasyPress to transfer the ink onto the fabric.

If you don’t have the right materials, you can buy them from the links below.

Let’s look at some fun Cricut infusible ink projects that you can try at home!

1. Comfy blankets

Who doesn’t like a comfy blanket, right?!

They’ll keep you warm while you are sleeping in winter, you can snuggle with a comfy blanket on the sofa while watching your favorite show, or you can use a nice looking blanket as a piece of interior design.

With infusible inks you can customize your own blankets in a lot of ways. For example, you can easily add a name, logo, or quote to any blanket.

Blankets can also be great gifts during special events if you decorate them with something to remember the event by. Or you can make baby blankets for your friends and family.

2. Baby onesies

If you have a baby, you know how expensive it is to buy clothing for your newborn.

There are so many cute and funny designs out there, but it kind of feel like a waste of money because your baby will quickly outgrow it.

Fortunately, you can easily make your own baby onesies by using your Cricut machine and infusible ink.

Buy several plain color onesies, cut the designs with your Cricut, and then heat transfer them onto the fabric.

In just an afternoon, you can make all the clothing your baby will need.

3. Decorated tumblers

If you like your drinks searing hot or freezing cold, a tumbler is going to be your best friend. So why not give your tumbler a personal touch?

Anything that will keep you going throughout the day would be great.

Maybe a motivational quote from a famous person? Maybe the shape of your favorite animal. Or maybe simply your own name.

After all, you don’t want anyone else to use your tumbler!

You can also make these tumblers really easily with vinyl.

4. Leather jewelry

There are a lot of leather projects that you can try out with a Cricut machine.

But making your own jewelry has always been one of my favorite Cricut projects.

You can use one of the Cricut cutting machines to cut the leather into the right size and shape. And then just your Cricut again to prepare the ink transfer sheets.

The example shown in the video below is quite simple, but you can make the designs as elaborate as you want.

5. Ceramic coasters

For many people, making their own coasters is one of the first projects they will try with their Cricut.

However, normally these coasters are made out of vinyl, wood, or leather. The Cricut Maker can easily cut all of these materials.

Unfortunately, you can’t cut ceramic materials with a Cricut. But you can decorate ceramic coasters with infusible ink.

The decorated coasters shown in the video below are definitely some of the most beautiful coasters I have seen in a long time.

And best of all, you can even use this method to decorate coaster make from other materials as well!

However, ceramic is a little harder to work with than fabric or leather. So you’ll need to apply a high temperature for much longer than with most infusible ink projects.

6. Wooden signs

You can even use the Cricut infusible ink on wood, since most types of wood are porous enough to absorb the ink.

So you can easily make your own wooden signs or decoration.

You can use the Cricut Maker to cut thin sheets of balsa wood, bass wood, or wood veneer in the right size and then apply the ink.

Or if you want a big wooden sign, you can pick up a wooden slab from the store and apply the ink directly.

However, if you are using wood that you didn’t buy from the Cricut store, you want to make sure that the wood doesn’t have a finish. Since the finish might prevent the ink from infusing into the wood.

7. Personalized mugs

Personalized ceramic coasters were already on the list, but how about using the infusible ink on your favorite mug?

You are probably using the same mug every morning, so why not spice it up a little with a motivation quote or funny illustration?

The tricky part with making your own mugs is that most heat presses are flat, while your mug is round. So it’s difficult to apply heat evenly.

Cricut has a mug heat press that perfectly solves this problem. But it’s a little expensive if you are only making a handful of mugs.

8. Koozies

Koozies are made to keep your drink cold. But a nice looking koozie can definitely warm your heart as well!

They can be great for personal use or for any big event that you are planning.

Since most koozies are made from fabric, it’s very easy to apply the infusible ink on them.

Most people make these koozies from vinyl. But the quality of the vinyl might deteriorate over time, since your koozie will be in contact with condensation frequently.

So using the infusible ink would be a better choice if you want to make a long-lasting koozie.

9. Keychains

Keychains are a fun way to personalize your keys. And the best part is that there is almost an infinite number of ways to make and decorate keychains with your Cricut.

If you are a big science fiction fan – why not cut out your favorite spaceship?

If you are constantly losing your keychain, you could make a label with your name on it.

There are so many ways you can go with this project. You could even cut out a small picture of your dog and turn it into a keychain!

If you have a Cricut Maker, you can cut the keychain out of acrylic, metal, wood, or leather in any shape that you want. And then use the infusible ink to decorate the keychain.

10. Decorated tote bags

Want to look more fashionable when carrying your tote bag?

Since most tote bags are made out of fabric, it’s super easy to personalize them with the infusible ink.

You can add a nice illustration on both side of the bag. Or if you frequently lose your bags, you can even put your name and address on them.

Of course, you can also use paint pens to write or color on fabric. But using your Cricut to make and cut the design for you results in a much cleaner finish.

More project ideas!

I hope you liked these infusible ink project ideas for your Cricut. Of course, these ink transfer sheets are only one of the many materials you can cut with your Cricut. There are many other Cricut projects left to try!

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