6 Best Dragon Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring books are gaining more and more popularity.

Not just among children but also adults! There are a wide variety of different coloring books for adults.

Today we will give you the top 6 of best dragon coloring books on the market right now.

Although all these are dragon coloring books, they can still be vastly different. Some of them are relatively simple and will help you relieve stress. Others are very advanced and difficult and will challenge you for sure. But they are all ideal for colored pencils.

Just how every artist has his or her own art style, most books have a certain style or feel to it. Make sure to choose the one that suits you best. Some books are better for learning how to draw than others.

Additionally, the depiction of dragons has changed dramatically over time and across cultures. Just think about the difference between a western and an eastern dragon.

Easy Dragon Coloring Books

The dragons you find in these books are relatively simple and easy to fill in. Perfect for adults who feel they don’t have a lot of free time on their hands. Coloring these can be similar to meditation and help you to relax and de-stress, alone or with the little ones.

The Book of 100 Dragons by Rossy Zapata includes dragons from many different parts of the world, including; Europe, Mexico, China, Japan etc. Most designs are pretty simple without any background. Since they easy to fill in, you can even draw together with your children.

The Dragon Coloring Book by Christy Shaffer offers 30 pages filled with dragons to draw. Bat-like wings, scales, barbed tail and multiple-headed dragons are all included. Just like the previous book, this one is relatively easy but a good place to start.

Difficult Dragon Coloring Books

These books are more advanced and full of small details and mainly focused toward adults. Due to all the details, these books work best if you have lots of different colored pencils. You will probably be busy for a long time just coloring a single one of these. If you are looking to up your game, pick one of these books.

The Dragons Adult Coloring Book illustrated by Jane Sullivan includes 31 dragons that will help you relieve some stress. The designs range in difficulty and the amount of detail. So you can pick the one you want to color based on your mood at that point.

The book called Dragon Adventure by Rachael Mayo has a grand total of 110 pages with 52 different dragons. It has many unique designs you won’t find in other books. Unfortunately, the pages are pretty thin, so keep something underneath the page if you are using gel pens to prevent them from bleeding through.

Coloring Dragons by John Howe is a fan favorite for many. John Howe is a famous and well-respected artist that worked as concept artist on projects like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. John Howe even gives some advice on basic drawing skills and which tools to use. Although this book only contains 16 pages, the sheer detail of these intriguingly designed dragons will keep you busy for many more hours.

Last but not least, Dragons and Magical Beasts by Salariya is a dragon coloring book counting 128 pages. With this amount detail on every page, you will be using your pencil sharpener a lot for sure. The intricate patterns in this book will keep you coloring all night long instead of turning on the TV. Most images are mirrored on the left and right page so you have around 62 different creatures to draw. Although most of these are dragons, you might find a Pegasus or serpent every now and then. Additionally, there is a hidden key on every spread. Giving a little extra challenge and fun if you are drawing with children.