20+ Best Cricut Fonts In 2023 (Free & Paid)

Did you ever go through the Cricut Design Studio’s font library and felt like none of the fonts were exactly what you were looking for?

Picking the right font for the right project will have a huge impact on the final result.

Below you can find all the best free fonts for Cricut for each situation

1. Learning Curve

best cricut fonts for vinyl

The Learning Curve font features beautiful handwriting that you may not have used since elementary school.

The typeface imitates the traditional cursive handwriting with a modern style using clean and crisp lines. Learning Curve Font is free to use in any private and commercial manner.

2. Hello Honey

cricut font with hearts

The Hello Honey font is a feminine, modern handwritten typeface that combines script and gorgeous heart-shaped swashes with a cursive and neat style.

It even includes beginning & ending swirls, and ligatures.

It’s perfect for creating titles, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc.

The free version of Hello Honey Font is only allowed to be used in personal projects, non-profit and charity use.

3. Beautiful Bloom

best free circut fonts

The Beautiful Bloom font is an elegant cursive typeface. It is also a manual type and has been written or painted with a brush.

Its cheerful and carefree air stands out and is therefore ideal for nice greeting, love, romantic cards, perfume brands, clothes, and fashion.

It can also be great for print and digital design that can be used for design including stationery, posters, logos, etc.

The free signature font is for personal use only.

4. Allura

cricut script fonts

The Allura font is a handwritten typeface that looks simple, clean, and easy to read, with an almost calligraphic appeal. The script and formal sets offer a softer and more formal look.

This font is perfect for wedding invitations, stationery, web logos, signatures, portfolios, prints, headers, magazines, book covers, t-shirt prints, craft, cosmetics, packaging, etc.

5. Black Jack

cricut handwriting fonts

The Black Jack font is a fabulous and elegant modern calligraphy script that is freely available for personal and commercial use.

This font is suitable for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, header, poster, merchandise, greeting cards, social media banners, printed quotes, shirt designs, etc.

6. Work Sans

thick fonts for cricut

The Work Sans font is a complete sans serif typeface with 9 weights and italics.

The weights from thin to medium were optimized for on-screen and medium-sized text usage but still work well for print.

The weights from Bold to Black are designed more for display use.

7. Yonky Black

best fonts for cricut

The Yonky Black font is a typeface family of 8 neo-grotesque fonts that offer four weights: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black plus their corresponding true italic versions.

This typeface is a source heir to the Egyptian style that appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

It is a good font for designing resounding or elegant ad titles on any medium and also for any type of publication such as magazines or newspapers.

8. Berkshire Swash

free fonts for cricut

The Berkshire Swash font is an unusual bold script typestyle that gives you the extraordinary feel. It looks very good when combined with uppercase and lowercase letters.

If you want to choose a bold and distinctive font for your design, this is the font you are looking for! This font is ideal for quotes.

Suitable for logos, website titles, T-shirts, brands, books, covers, Instagram stories and possibly YouTube thumbnails.

9. Belista

cricut font

The Belista font is a fun, modern, feminine, and friendly handwritten font that will fill any design project with feelings of fun and romance.

It’s designed with a smooth flow and a dancing baseline to hold its own against the rest of the modern calligraphy fonts. Use it for any creative project that needs a special and unique touch.

This cute font is suitable to complement your digital and printed creative products such as logos, branding, letter signs, stamps, business cards, advertisements, flyers, posters, and more!

10. Challista

best cursive fonts for cricut

The Challista Script font is a beautifully crafted script created with a handmade calligraphy style with the intention of appearing stunning on invitations and special designs. The font features decorative lettering and a dancing baseline.

This is a versatile font that will give your designs an authentic, handcrafted feel. This elegant font is easy to read and looks great for wedding invitations, branding, parties, graduations, birthdays, social gatherings, spring, and more.

11. Windsong

cricut calligraphy font

The Windsong font is a beautiful and fresh signature font with a unique and natural writing style that resembles historical writing.

Windsong can be elegant, rich, sophisticated, and melodious. The characters seem to dance up and down the baseline in a glamorous dance.

This font is great for headings, signatures, artwork typography, titles, and short pieces of hand-lettered text, prints, crafts, quotes, logotypes, wedding invitations, romantic cards, labels, and packaging.

12. Typewriter

best fonts for cricut

The JMH Typewriter font is great if you are looking for a font that replicates an old-fashioned typewriter.

Small imperfections make it look as if you were writing with real ink and not just using a digital font.

This font is great for writing letters or newspaper articles that look vintage.

13. Josefin Slab

free fonts for cricut maker

The Josefin Slab font draws a lot of inspiration from typewriter-style features, like the Letter Gothic typeface, which gives this font a very modern and professional look.

This font is great for creating logos, magazines, fashion designs, quotes, posters, brands, business cards, stationery designs, brand titles, blog titles, art quotes, layouts, etc.

14. Belleza

best cricut fonts

The Belleza font is a clean, friendly humanistic sans-serif with a gentle, modulating effect and very elegant, and befitting harmony between thicks and thins. Belleza is ideal for medium-sized texts.

The Belleza font is well suited for magazine headers, newspaper headlines, book covers, and even extended reading in newspapers, magazines, technical guides, college catalogs, and cookbooks.

15. Shrimp

bold cricut fonts

The Shrimp font has a strong and elegant writing style. It is a utilitarian typeface based on modern letters. The shrimp font features a condensed style, with low joints and crossbars of some letter forms that make it look good as it is tightly set.

Shrimp comes with an elegant and sturdy form, which makes it a great font for posters, social media, headlines, titles, large format prints, quotes, short texts, editorial layouts, or signage.

16. Archivo Black

archivo black font

The Archivo Black font is a single weight font designed to be used specifically on print and digital platforms.

Archivo Black is great for display purposes such as headlines, large format prints, brand identities, social media, advertising, editorial design, posters, magazines, logos, titles, etc.

17. Alloy Ink

alloy ink fonts

The Alloy Ink font is a cute and quirky display font. It gives an incredibly cheerful touch to your designs. Adapt this beautiful bubble font to each of your ideas and notice how it will make them stand out!

This font is great for logo, branding, title, social media posts, advertisements, packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, special event, magazine, web design, etc.

18. Abstract Groovy

cut font ideas

The Abstract Groovy font has a playful nostalgic feel and delivers a cool vintage and retro aesthetic.

This font is perfect for retro designs, procreate, branding, shirts, logos, procreate, stickers, Instagram, social media, and more!

19. Keep On Truckin

The Keep on Truckin font has a comic, groovy, and bubble letters style, and features large, heavy textures and irregular serifs.

It can be used in your Instagram stories or Facebook posts or comic kinds of stuff to give your design a resilient retro look. It’s great for making T-shirts and hoodies, stickers, posters, and retro stamp.

20. Constantinople

cricut handwriting fonts

The Constantinople font is a thin monoline script with a beautiful handwritten style. It features a distinctive flow of smooth lines with classic and elegant touches.

This font will give a fresh handwritten feel and will look fun and friendly in branding projects, logos, signatures, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, T-shirt designs, product designs, posters, photography, watermarking, invitations, or stationery.

21. Amelya Putry

cricut handwriting font

The Amelya Putry font is a classic signature font and comes with decorative characters and an irregular baseline.

This stylish font is perfect for signatures, logo designs, branding, wedding cards, invitations, watermark, stationery, posters, fashion blogs, or anything that needs handwriting taste.

22. Paris

The Paris font is the best handwriting font for cricut

The Paris font is a monoline signature script with a beautiful and elegant handwritten style. It features a chic flow with sleek lines that will add a blend of modern and classic touches to your designs.

This font is perfect for many different projects, such as logos, photography, watermarking, social media posts, advertisements, branding, invitations, product packaging, stickers, stationery, wedding designs, special events, or anything that needs handwriting taste.

How to get free fonts for Cricut?

If you want to use a font that is not already available in Cricut Design Studio, you can normally download it from the internet.

Cricut Design Studio will work with any font that has an .ttf or .otf file type.

So make sure you check the file type before clicking the download button.

There are lots of places to find new fonts online, but I normally prefer to use the biggest font websites out there.

These websites are my favorites:

Try to stay away from font websites that are smaller or not well know, because the font files might contain a virus or malware.

Check the license of the fonts

When downloading a font from the internet, it’s important to the license as well.

Just because it’s a “free” font, that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want with it.

Most free fonts are only for personal use. This means you can use the font for your personal DIY projects such as mugs, blankets, pantry labels, etc.

But you are not allowed to sell any products with that font. You need to have a commercial license if you want to sell any items using a specific font.

A commercial license for a font can cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the font and the type of commercial license.

How to add free fonts to Cricut Design Space?

Inside Cricut Design Space you can use any standard fonts that come with the program, and any font that is installed on your computer.

So after finding a new font online and downloading it, you need to install it on your computer before you can use it in Cricut Design Space.

Follow these steps to install a new font and find it inside Cricut Design Space:

  1. Find the folder to which you downloaded the font.
  2. Unzip the font if necessary.
  3. Install the font by double-clicking on it and following the instructions.
  4. Go to Cricut Design Space and start a new project.
  5. Select the text tool and type the text you want.
  6. Select the text and click on the font drop down menu.
  7. Find your font among the other fonts listed.
  8. Try using the search bar if you can’t find the font.

How to upload free fonts to Cricut Design Studio?

Cricut Design Studio can only use the standard fonts that come with the program and the fonts installed on your computer.

That means that you won’t be able to use any of the new fonts you downloaded and installed if you switch computers.

Unfortunately, there is no way to upload fonts to Cricut designs space like you can with images.

Hopefully, Cricut will add this as a new feature sometime in the future.

But for now, if you want to use fonts across different devices, you’ll have to install the font on every device separately.

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