How Much Is A Pottery Wheel? [Price Guide]

More and more people are deciding to pick up pottery as a hobby. And with a little bit of an investment, you can do pottery at home instead of in a shared studio.

The first thing you’ll need to buy is your own pottery wheel. Although a wheel is not absolutely necessary to do pottery, most people associate pottery with throwing clay on a wheel. So you probably want to get one sooner or later.

Let’s take a look at how expensive a potter’s wheel is, and what price range you can expect.

How much does a pottery wheel cost?

The price for a new potter’s wheel can range from $200 for a small beginner model to over $1000 for a professional pottery wheels. The cheap wheels are normally smaller in size, have a motor that are less powerful, and can hold less clay at a time.

For example, this small pottery wheel by SKYTOU costs around $200 and is very popular with beginners. The wheel is 25 cm in diameter and can throw only ~10 lb at a time.

On the other side of the spectrum is this professional Brent C wheel, which costs almost $2000. It can handle up to 225 pounds of clay and has a 20″ wheel.

So the price of a new pottery wheel can vary strongly depending on what you are looking for. But regardless of the model, a new wheel will always be an investment.

To give you a better indication of the price range, we have listed a few popular models with their prices below:

Brent C$2000

*The prices mentioned above are rounded off and only serve as rough estimations. Please click the button below for the most recent price.

How much is a used pottery wheel?

The price of a used pottery wheel will depend on what type of wheel it is and its current condition. A used beginner wheel can be as cheap as $100 if you find a good deal. However, professional pottery wheels might still cost over $1000 even when bough second hand.

On sites such as, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, you can often find good deals with up to 50% discount on the original price.

You can also find used pottery wheels on Amazon. However, the discounts on Amazon are normally not as large.

Of course, when buying used electronics, you should always do your due diligence and make sure that the item you are buying still functions properly.

My article on used pottery wheels give a complete checklist of things to look for when buying secondhand.

Why are potters wheels so expensive?

A big reason why good pottery wheels are so expensive is the motor. There is a lot of friction between the clay and your hands, so you need a motor that is strong enough to keep the wheel spinning smoothly. Additionally, a wheel undergoes a lot of wear and tear during regular operation, so all the part need to be made of durable and quality materials.

What else do I need to start pottery?

If you are new to pottery, then buying a wheel is a great place to start. But a wheel is not the only thing you’ll need during the pottery making process.

Here are a few more supplies you’ll need:

Some of these (like the kiln) will be a one time investment, whereas other (like the clay) will be bought on a regular basis.

Can I do pottery without a wheel?

When most people think of pottery, they imagine someone throwing clay on a wheel. I personally think back to the pottery scene in the movie Ghost.

However, you don’t necessarily need a wheel to do pottery. Hand building and slab pottery are equally valid ways to shape the clay. In this type of pottery, you make slabs using a roller and roll them up or combine separate slabs to form objects.

Both types of pottery have their pros and cons. And if you take a beginner’s class, you’ll probably be introduced to both.

What’s next?

I hope that after reading all of this, you are still interested in picking up pottery and even buying a wheel for yourself.

Since there are plenty of different wheels for sale, there is almost always one that will fit in your budget.

To help you choose, you can read this article on the best pottery wheels.

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