How To Draw A 3D Cube From Different Angles

Do you want to learn how to draw cubes that look 3 dimensional? Then you have come to the right place.

Deconstructing objects into their basic forms such as cubes and circles as a fundamental skill for artists.

If you know how to draw cubes in perspective, it will be much easier to learn how to draw everything else.

So in this tutorial, you’ll learn 3 different ways to draw 3D cubes.

how to draw a cube


Since we are just sketching either printer paper or a sketchbook will do fine. If you are using a graphite pencils, you preferable want to use one that is on the softer side such as B, 2B or 3B. This will make shading easier. However, any pencil, pen, or even charcoal will work.

Also, taking a look at our articles on how to draw straight lines freehand and how to warm up before drawing might be useful.

How to draw a 3D cube

Method 1

In this first method you will draw two squares and then connect the edges. This is the easiest method of them all but won’t teach you anything about perspective.

Step 1: draw a square

Start by drawing a square of the desired size.

drawing cubes 1

Step 2: draw a second square

Then draw a second square of the same size slightly offset horizontally and vertically.

If you draw the second square too far away you will end up with a rectangle instead of a cube.

drawing cubes 2

Step 3: connect the corners

Connect the top left corner of the first square with the lop left corner of the second square.

Repeat this for the other 3 corners and you have drawn your first 3D square.

drawing cubes 3

Method 2

In this second method you will start with a 2D square and then turn it into a 3D cube.

Step 1: draw a square

Start by drawing a cube of your desired size.

how to draw a cube 1

Step 2: extend from the corners

Now turn your 2D cube into a 3D object by extending it into space.

You do this by drawing lines from each corner. Makes sure that each line is under the same angle.

Note that I didn’t draw a line from the bottom left corner. This is because I wanted to draw a solid cube, in which case you won’t see this edge.

However, you can make a dotted line if you want.

how to draw a cube 2

Step 3: connect the ends

Connect all lines to complete your 3 dimensional cube.

cube drawing

Method 3

If you actually want to learn how to draw in perspective, this third method is the best. It will give you a more fundamental understanding of how to draw things in 3D.

Step 1: draw a vertical line

Start by drawing a vertical line. Since we’ll draw a cube from roughly a 45° angle, this will be the edge the closest to you.

how to draw 3d cube 1

Step 2: draw 4 guidelines

Draw the guidelines that indicate where the sides will go.

You want to upper lines and the lower lines to be parallel to each other.

Moreover, you want the left guidelines and the right guidelines to be under a 90° angle with each other.

how to draw 3d cube 2

Step 3: draw the left and right edge

Draw the right and left edge.

If you want to draw a cube, you should try to draw both equally far away from the center line.

If you want to draw a rectangle you can place one side farther away from the center than the other.

how to draw 3d cube 3

Step 4: connect the lines

Finish drawing your cube by connecting the two sides.

Note that these two lines should be perpendicular to the guideline that they come from.

how to draw a 3d cube

How to draw a cube from different angles

Now that you know how to draw 3D cubes, why don’t you try drawing cubes from different angles?

If you have mastered the third method this should be easy. Simply change the angle of the guide lines in step 2 to draw a cube from any angle.

Below you can see how I used this method to draw cubes from 3 different angles.

cube perspective 2
how to draw cube
draw a cube

Taking it to the next level!

You will often use cubes to simplify more complex shapes. However, cubes can also be the center of your artwork!

For example, you can combine today’s tutorial with or previous article on how to draw cute eyes to a little family of cubes.

cube drawing

Or you can take your passion for cubes a little further and make a complete painting about cubes like I did below. I painted this after being inspired by the amazing art by @XMIOart.

simple cube painting

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