How To Draw A Basketball: Easy Step By Step Tutorial For Kids

Want to learn how to draw a basketball? Then you have come to the right place!

Basketball is the 2th most popular sport in America and the 7th most popular in the world.

So if basketball is your favorite hobby, you are not alone.

But do you also know how to draw a basketball?

A circle is definitely a good start. But that is not all.

how to draw a basketball


For today’s tutorial you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper

If you want to color your drawing you can also prepare some markers, paint, or colored pencils.

How to draw a basketball

Step 1: draw a circle

Let’s start by drawing a circle.

This sounds simple, but drawing a perfect circle is a lot harder than it sounds.

Start by using faint lines that you can erase if you are not happy with your circle.

If you aren’t happy with your circle, you can also trace a cup or any other round object.

draw basketball step 1

Step 2: draw a line vertically across

The thing that differentiates a basketball from all the other balls are the lines on it.

These lines improve the grip of basketball players.

In total there are 4 lines. And if you want to draw a convincing basketball, drawing these lines correctly is crucial.

Fortunately, the first line is very easy. Simply draw a line through the middle of your circle.

In reality this line is straight. But by drawing it slightly curved you create the illusion of it being 3-dimensional.

draw basketball step 1

Step 3: draw a line horizontally across

The second line is very similar to the first one.

Just make sure that the two lines meet each other under a 90 degree angle.

draw basketball step 3

Step 4: draw a curved line on the left

The two remaining lines are more difficult to draw.

They are basically two closed ovals. But because they are on a curved surface they are a little tricky to draw.

Just like before, make sure that the lines meet each other at a 90 degree angle.

draw basketball step 4

Step 5: draw a curved line on the right

Finally, you got to the last line.

This line is identical to the line you drew in step 4. But because of the angle it looks very different!

It should still meet other lines at a 90 degree angle, but then it slightly curves away from the edge.

If you drew the lines in step 4 and 5 correctly, your ball should already feel 3-dimensional.

basketball drawing

Step 6: add a logo or company name

Normally a basketball has a logo or brand name on it as well.

In this case I tried to draw something similar to the Nike logo.

But be creative! Why not the name of your favorite player?

basketball drawing easy

Add some color

Now that you finished drawing your basketball, you finally get to color it however you want.

Most basketballs are orange, so that’s the color I choose for my first basketball.

However, I also remember having a basketball with lots of different colors when I was younger. So for my second drawing, I decided to use some of my favorite colors.

Don’t forget to add a highlight on one side and some shadow on the other side to give the illusion of a 3-dimensional object.

drawing basketball
how to draw basketball

Drawing a basketball from different angles

I already mentioned that the lines is what makes a basketball different form a soccer ball, volleyball ball, or tennis ball.

However, depending on the angle you look at your basketball, it will look completely different.

Drawing a basketball from the front of the side is super easy. So if you are having a hard time, you might want to try drawing one of these first.

For other angles, you might want to use a real basketball or a photo as reference.

easy basketball drawing

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