How To Draw A Candle With A Flame Step By Step

Do you want to learn how to draw a candle? Then you have come to the right place!

If you are like me, then you love to burn candles in fall, winter, spring and summer. No matter what time or what the weather is like.

So let’s learn how to draw a candle and color it with these easy steps.

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How to draw a burning candle

Step 1: draw an open cylinder

Did you ever notice that a candle looks very similar to a cylinder?

So to draw your candle, start with a simple cylinder with the bottom cut off.

how to draw a candle step 1

Step 2: draw the wick and flame

Then add the wick and flame.

The wick is a solid line in the middle of the cylinder.

The candle flame can have different shapes and sizes depending on the wind, temperature, etc.

So you can be creative with how your flame looks like.

But normally you want to bottom of the flame to start wide, and narrow down to the top.

how to draw a candle step 2

Step 3: add the details

After step 2, you already have a very basic candle. And to be honest, it doesn’t look bad at all!

But let’s try to add some extra details and draw a more realistic candle.

A real candle is never perfectly straight. Especially if the candle has been burning for a while, some molten candle will droop down.

So draw over your “straight candle” again and add some variation too it. Also add some cracks to make it look even more detailed.

how to draw a candle step 3-1
how to draw a candle step 3-3
how to draw a candle step 3-4

Step 4: block in your basic colors

It’s time to draw or paint your candle and bring it to life with some color.

I colored my candle wax with a dark yellow and my flame with a lighter yellow.

Of course, you can buy candles in any color nowadays so feel free to pick your favorite.

how to draw a candle step 4

Step 5: add a gradient

If you really look at a burning candle, you can see that the wax closest to the flame has a lighter color.

This is because it’s the thinnest part and the flame illuminates it directly.

To reproduce this effect in your drawing, try to add a gradient to your candle.

As you can see, the top of the candle is yellow, and it slowly changes to orange and red at the bottom.

how to draw a candle step 5

Step 6: color extra details

To really bring your candle to life, you want to add a few more details such as shadows in the cracks, and highlights to part closest to the flame.

Moreover, if you look at a flame carefully, you will notice that where the wick and the flame meet the flame is actually a dark blue instead of a yellow.

how to draw a candle step 6

Step 7: add a black background

There is no point in using a candle in broad day light.

So let’s give our candle a dark background so you can really feel the warmth and light from the candle.

how to draw a candle step 7

Step 8: add luminescence

When drawing a candle you have to indicate the shape of the flame with clear lines.

But a real flame doesn’t have any clear lines and constantly changes.

So let’s add a little shine around the flame so you can really see the light coming from it.

how to draw a candle step 8

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