Cute And Easy Owl Drawings

Want to learn how to draw an owl? Then you have come to the right place.

Owls are not only very intelligent, their big eyes make them super cute as well.

Moreover, their wings are beautiful as well

Today I’ll show you how to draw your own owls in 6 simple steps.

There is plenty of room for creativity by adding extra details or using bright colors.

4 simple and cute drawing of owls.

Necessary materials

All you need to follow today’s tutorial is a pencil, paper and eraser.

However, if you want to color your owl as well, you might want to prepare some colored pencils, art markers, or paint.

Of course, if you are going to use ink or paint you want to use special paper to prevent any bleeding.

How to draw a simple owl

Step 1: draw a circle

Start off by drawing a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

This circle will be a guide to help you draw your owl.

Since you will erase it later, make sure to use very fine lines.

How to draw an owl step 1: draw a circle

Step 2: add two ears

Ears are easy to draw, so let’s draw them first.

They are made up out of three lines: a slightly curved horizontal line above the circle, and two lines under roughly a 45 degree angle.

The tricky part is to make both ears just as big. You don’t want to end up with one small and one big ear.

How to draw an owl step 2: draw 2 ears

Step 3: draw the body

The body of our owl is going to look similar to a U shape.

You can make it a little wider at the bottom if you want to make a chubby owl.

The body doesn’t need to overlap exactly with the circle you drew originally.

How to draw an owl step 3: draw the body

Step 4: add the face

It’s time to add the eyes and beak of your owl. Bur first, let’s erase the circle. We don’t need it any more.

Each eye is a solid circle in an empty circle.

This sounds simple, but drawing two symmetrical eyes is the hardest step for sure.

If the pupils are slightly off, your owl will be looking in two different directions.

For the beak you can add a little oval or triangle between the eyes.

How to draw an owl step 4: draw the face

Step 5: draw the wings and feet

To draw the wings you can use two partial circles.

Again, you want to try and make both wings equally large.

You can add two simple feet by drawing three ovals next to each other.

How to draw an owl step 5: draw the wings and feet

Step 6: fill in the details

Finally, add some details to your drawing.

This might be the last step, but it’s also the most fun and lets you be super creative.

For my own owl, I gave it some feathers in the wings, a little twig to sit on, and some eyelashes.

How will your owl look like?

How to draw an owl step 6: draw all the remaining details of your owl.

Be creative!

As I already said, in the last step you can really be creative and give your owl a personality of its own.

It drew several owls myself, all of them with slightly different body shape and details.

3 more simple ways to draw owls and decorate them to make them look unique.

For the first one I slightly changed the shape of the ears and changed the decorations on the wings.

For the second one I gave him really big ears. I’m sure he has great hearing. He is also holding a small flower in it’s beak. Maybe he’s going to confess his love to someone soon?

The last one is a baby owl. He has almost no ears and I added some highlights in his eyes to make him look even younger. Isn’t he cute?

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