How To Draw Cute Eyes: With 15 Kawaii Examples!

Do you want to learn how to draw kawaii eyes? Then you have come to the right place.

Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute and it’s a special style of drawing that can be used to draw super cute faces.

In this article you will learn how to draw different cute expressions that you can use in your own drawings.

how to draw kawaii eyes

How to draw cute faces

The different expressions you will learn in this post all consist of two eyes, a mouth, and blushes (and sometimes eyebrows).

By changing these three things you can draw any emotion you want.

I roughly divided them into three categories: both eyes open, one eye open, and both eyes closed.

Two eyes open

For all of these faces you will start by drawing the two eyes.

These eyes are solid circles with 3 highlights in them to make them look extra cute. Add a big highlight on one side and two smaller highlights on the other side of the same eye.

So let’s look at how we can add a mouth and eyebrows to draw a variety of different emotions.

how to draw cute eyes 2

The first example is the easiest. An open semicircle between the eyes will function as the eyes. Then two small lines above the eyes will function as the eyebrows and two pink blushes will complete this cute and happy look.

how to draw cute eyes 1

The second example is very similar. Change the open semicircle with a closed semicircle and you are done. You can add eyebrows if you want.

how to draw cute eyes 4

Next I changed the mouth again by adding a second line. This makes it look like he is munching on something delicious. By drawing the eyebrows straight and away from the center he also looks very emotional. Maybe he’s eating the best chocolate in the world.

how to draw cute eyes 3

Finally, I drew a cheeky expression by adding a tongue sticking out to the mouth. You know he is teasing you, but he’s simply to cute to do anything about it!

One eye open and one eye closed

Let’s move on to the expressions with one eye open and one eye closed. This makes it look like someone is winking at you.

The closed eye is an open semicircle and will replace one of the open eyes. You can add eyelashes at the end of your closed eye to draw a more feminine face.

how to draw cute eyes 6

For this kawaii face I used a small heart as a mouth. This is a great face to use if you want to show that someone is in love. Don’t forget to add the blushes for that extra cuteness.

how to draw cute eyes 5

Next is probably my favorite expression. The lips are similar to a heart on the side with the botom left open. I also added eyelashes to the closed eye to clearly show it’s a girl. Doesn’t it look like she is ready to give someone a peck on the cheeks?

how to draw cute eyes 7

Let’s finish off with a happy look. In this case the mouth looks similar to a slightly compressed circle. Then I added small squares to indicate the gaps between teeth. Seeing such a big smile make me want to laugh too!

Both eyes closed

If you know how to draw the kawaii expression with one closed eye you can easily draw the ones with two eyes closed.

So let’s try switching around the mouths to get some different faces.

how to draw cute eyes 8

It’s easiest to start with what you already know. So of course I started with my favorite.

how to draw cute eyes 10

I also tried drawing a big smile. With two eyes closed he looks even happier than with one eye open.

how to draw cute eyes 9

Next I also tried adding somewhat of a cat-like mouth.

how to draw cute eyes 11

Remember the closed semicircle in example 2 that we used as a mouth? Let’s use that and add a tongue in it as well.

how to draw cute eyes 12

I don’t like to draw sad faces that much. But sometimes bad things do happen. Simply draw the eyes and mouth upside down to draw a sad mouth and eyes. Then you can add two huge streams off tears to show that he is crying.


I also tried being more experimental with the eyes. So I ended up drawing three kawaii eyes that didn’t really fit in any of the other categories.

how to draw cute eyes 13

I tried using a heart as a mouth before, but why not use hearts for the eyes? This way you can draw someone that is completely head over heels in love.

how to draw cute eyes 14

Next I tried using a “<” and “>” sign for the eyes. Sometimes you hear a joke that is so funny that you end up laughing so hard that you are unable to open your eyes again for a good minute. That’s what this kawaii expression looks like.

how to draw cute eyes 15

Finally I used the same eyes but drew a more cheeky mouth by using an upside-down heart.


Are you ready to try drawing cute faces and emojis yourself? Below you can find an overview of all the different eyes, mouths and expression I used in this post.

After you tried to copy a few you can probably start to come up with some of your own as well!

how to draw kawaii eyes

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