How To Draw Palm Trees: Easy Step By Step Tutorial For Kids

Want to learn how to draw a palm tree? Then you have come to the right place!

Palm trees always remind me of nice weather. That’s why I like to draw them.

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a palm tree step by step.

palm tree cover

How to draw palm trees

Step 1: draw the trunk

Start by drawing the trunk by drawing two lines parallel to each other.

At the bottom you want the lines to slightly diverge to make a bigger base.

how to draw a palm tree step 1

Step 2: draw the leaves

Before you draw the leaves, you want to roughly indicate where each leaf should go.

You can do this by drawing fine arrows from the top of your palm tree to the sides.

Then you can easily draw the leaves well spread out.

how to draw a palm tree step 2
how to draw a palm tree step 2-1

Step 3: add some details to the leaves

I added some extra lines to the leaves to make them more dynamic.

how to draw a palm tree step 3

Step 4: add details to the trunk

Draw horizontal lines across the trunk.

Try to space the lines out evenly.

This really makes it look like a palm tree!

how to draw a palm tree step 4

Step 5: draw some coconuts

Don’t you want to drink coconut milk on the beach while enjoying the sun?

You do!

So don’t forget to add those coconuts to your palm tree.

how to draw a palm tree step 5

Step 6: add a background

If you want you can then add a background to your palm tree.

My palm tree is happily growing at a small uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean.

Where is your palm tree growing?

how to draw a palm tree step 6

Take it to the next level

Now that you know how to draw a palm tree you can draw many different kinds of sceneries.

How about about a small village road with palm trees on the side, or maybe a hammock spread between two different palm trees?

I decided to paint a few palm trees during a sunset. I love how the blue sky fades into the red color of the sun. And the black palm trees give a nice contrast as well.

What can you come up with?

palm trees sunset drawing 2

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