How To Draw Sunflowers Step By Step – Easy Tutorial For Kids

Want to learn how to draw sunflowers? Then you have come to the right place.

Some of the most famous artists loved to draw and paint sunflowers.

Van Gogh liked them so much that he painted them 12 times!

So let’s draw some sunflowers and see how it goes.

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw three different sunflowers: a cartoon sunflower, a stylized sunflower illustration, and sunflowers in a vase.

sunflower drawing

How to draw a cute sunflower – kids tutorial

Step 1: draw a circle

Start off by drawing a circle.

Don’t worry too much if it’s not perfect.

Real sunflowers aren’t perfect, so neither does your drawing need to be.

cartoon sunflower step 1

Step 2: draw a petal

There are different ways to draw the petals.

If you look at a sunflower, you can see that the petals are actually quite pointy.

But since we are drawing a cute cartoon version, let’s make the petals round instead.

Also add a small dash in the middle of your petal.

cartoon sunflower step 2

Step 3: draw the remaining petals

Now fill up the entire circle with petals.

Don’t forget that some petals will be at the back, while other petals will be in front.

You want each petal to be roughly the same size and shape.

So to prevent your last petal from being awkwardly big or small, roughly estimate how many petals will fit in total and adjust the size of the petals accordingly.

cartoon sunflower step 3

Step 4: draw the stem

Add a stem at the bottom of your sunflower.

As you can see, I only drew the stem partially.

But you can make the stem longer and draw it all the way to the earth or a flowerpot.

cartoon sunflower step 4

Step 5: draw the eyes

To make sure your sunflower is as cute as can be, draw two big eyes with highlights.

I also added some diagonal lines to indicate a blush. I think this make it even cuter, but you can leave it out as well.

Optionally, you can also add a mouth at this step.

sunflower drawing for kids
sunflower drawing easy

Step 6: add some color!

Finish your drawing by coloring or painting your sunflower.

Use lots of yellow, orange, and green to pull of a realistic look.

Or color the petals all the colors of the rainbow if that’s what you want.

cute sunflower drawing easy

How to draw an illustration of sunflowers

Step 1: draw a circle

Start off by drawing a circle using very thin lines.

Then go over the circle again with thicker lines, but make sure to use jagged lines.

The center of a sunflower is never a perfect circle. So this will make your drawing a bit more realistic.

drawing sunflower step 1

Step 2: draw the first ring of petals

This time I decided to draw slightly longer and thinner petals.

I also drew every petal exactly next to each other. Maybe not the most realistic, but I thought it worked out well for this design.

Keep adding petals till the entire circle is covered.

If you want a more natural sunflower, you can give the petals slightly pointy ends and make them overlap slightly.

drawing sunflower step 2

Step 3: draw the second ring of petals

Draw the second ring of sunflower petals behind the ones you already drew.

You can easily do this by adding arches between the petals.

drawing sunflower step 2-2

Step 4: cross-hatch the center

If you want to draw every sunflower seed individually, then this is the time to do it!

But of course that will take for ever.

So instead you can simply add some cross-hatching. This somewhat gives the impression of seeds, without having to draw thousands of them.

easy sunflower drawing

Step 5: draw 2 more sunflowers

Repeat steps 1 to 4 twice to end up with a total of 3 sunflowers.

To make a nice arrangement, don’t space out your sunflowers too much.

You want them to overlap a bit to create some depth to your drawing.

drawing sunflower step 4

Step 6: draw leafs

Don’t forget the sunflower leafs!

In this design you don’t need to draw the stems. So you can draw the leafs directly attached to sunflowers.

I decided to draw three sets of three leafs.

This gives a nice harmony with the three sunflowers.

sunflower easy drawing

Step 7: add some color!

Now you can finally color or paint your sunflowers.

Keep in mind that there is quite a bit of layering going on.

You have sunflowers on top of other sunflowers, and leafs on top of other leafs.

So try to add shadows where they belong.

Bonus points if you add highlights too!

simple sunflower drawing

How to draw sunflowers in a vase

Step 1: draw a vase

There are two ways to draw sunflowers in a vase; you can draw the sunflowers first, or you can draw the vase first.

In my opinion drawing the vase first is much easier.

I went with a pretty simple vase since I want the sunflowers to get most of the attention.

how to draw sunflowers in a vase step 1

Step 2: draw the first sunflower from the front

Start drawing a sunflower from the front.

This time I decided to go with the more realistic petals that are slightly pointy.

sunflower simple drawing

Step 3: draw the second sunflower from the side

Then draw the second sunflower from the side.

This requires a bit of spacial thinking.

Make sure that the petals pointing away are smaller than the petals pointing towards you.

Also add a stem that goes into the vase.

how to draw a sunflower easy

Step 4: draw the third sunflower from the back

The third and last sunflower I drew from the back.

If you don’t remember how a sunflower looks like from the back, I highly recommend you look it up on google.

Basically, you have several layers of small green leafs at the center and the yellow petals on the outside.

sunflowers in a vase drawing easy

Step 5: add some color!

Now it’s time to add some color to the masterpiece you just created.

Make sure to use a variety of yellows and oranges to make realistic petals.

To give a three-dimensional feeling to the vase, make sure to make the most out of shadows and highlights to give the impression of it being round.

sunflowers in a vase drawing

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