How To Finish A Loom Weaving Project

You finished your weave.

Maybe the last row was a plain weave, maybe it was a basket weave, or perhaps it was a chevron weave.

But now it’s time to wrap things up!

Finishing a weaving project includes three steps: taking the weave off the loom, weaving in loose threads, and hanging your weave.

Let’s look at each step separately.

How to take the weave of the loom

Regardless if you have reached the top of your loom or if there is some space left, you can finish your weaving project whenever you feel like it.

removing weave from the loom 1

If you are weaving on a notched loom like me, you can simply push the loops over each notch to take the weave of the loom.

If this is not possible, it is completely fine to cut each loop/knot to take the weave of the loom.

removing weave from the loom 2

To prevent your weave from unraveling, you will have to secure the loose warp threads. You can do this by tying knots with adjacent warp threads.

If your warp threads are very short you can use a simple knot.

If you have longer warp threads you can also use an overhand knot. In my opinion these look a little better. But you have to make sure to place the knot next to the weave and not somewhere in the middle.

If you don’t like the look of these knots at the top and bottom of your weave, you can also try using the hemstitch.

How to weave in loose threads

You can weave in both the loose warp threads and weft threads.

The weft threads need to be woven into the back to secure them. Whereas the loos warp threads are normally woven back in just to hide them.

If you have a weaving needle it easy to weave the loose end back in.

Just make sure that you weave the loose ends behind a warp thread like shown below. This way the tension will be on the warp threads rather than the weft threads.

Once you have secured the loose ends by weaving through 2~4 rows, you can cut off any the remaining end.

Below you can see how I wove in the warp threads similarly.

weave in loose ends on a loom

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