How To Make Rya Loops

Using rya loops is one of the easiest way to add some fluffy texture to your weave.

That’s why I like to weave several rows of rya loops in pretty much any of my wall hangings.

So let’s take a look at how to make these rya loops yourself.

1. Place your weft yarn over the first two warp threads

Start by placing your yarn over the first two warp threads. This is going to be where you make your first knot.

I recommend winding one end of your yarn into a ball. This makes it easier to pass the yarn through the warp threads.

2. Wind the yarn around the two warp threads

Wind the yarn around the first two strings as shown below.

This is similar to making a rya knot. But in this case you want to have one short end and one long end.

3. Pull down on both strings

Pull on both strings simultaneously to secure your first knot.

4. Wind the yarn around the next warp thread

Take your ball of yarn and go over the adjacent warp thread, and then go underneath the same warp thread.

5. Go over the next 2 warp threads

After you went over and under the third warp thread, you now want to go over the next two warp threads. So you want to go over warp thread number 3 and 4.

Make sure you don’t pull the yarn tight yet. You want to leave some yarn at the bottom to form the loop.

6. Go around the 2th warp thread

In the previous step you just took the yarn over the third and fourth warp thread. Take the yarn and go under and over the fourth warp thread another time.

This will create the second knot.

7. Secure the second knot

To make the second knot you want to pull your ball of yarn down. While doing this you have to hold down your loop.

Note that before pulling down the yarn and forming the second knot, you can pull or tug your loop to make it bigger or smaller.

8. Repeat for one row

Repeat steps 1 to 8 to fill your entire row with loops.

You don’t have to worry about making all the loops the exact same length. I actually prefer to have loops of different sizes, because it looks more natural.

If you look at your first row or rya loops you might not be impressed yet.

Don’t worry!

Things will start to look a lot better after adding 2 or 3 more rows of rya loops.

9. Weave a row of plain weave

You never want to weave two rows of rya loops right after each other.

Make sure to weave 1 to 3 rows of plain weave between each row of rya loops.

This give extra structure to your weave and secures the loops. And if your loops are long enough, you won’t even see these rows in the final result.

10. Repeat as many times as you like

I normally like to make at least 3 rows of rya loops since I weave with pretty thin yarn.

But if you love the look of these rya loops, you can use them as much as you want.

Just be sure you don’t forget to add a row of plain weave between each row of rya loops.

Making rya loops is a little counterintuitive when you make them for the first time. Because you have to pass the yarn over and under the same warp thread several times.

But I’m always surprised at how good a few rows of rya loops look. They definitely bring some life to your weave!

I hope you follow along with the steps and try to make these rya loops at home.

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