Best Online Acrylic Painting Classes In 2023

acrylic painting for beginners

Acrylic paint is one of the most flexible and versatile mediums to work with. You can do anything, ranging from landscapes and portraiture to still life. But all those options don’t make it a medium that’s easy to learn.

Becoming a master with acrylic paint might take years of practice. But you can speed up the learning process considerably if you have a great teacher.

Below is a list of online painting classes in acrylic that beginners can take from the comfort of their own house and learn the basics.

Online painting courses

For absolute beginners, it’s best to take a comprehensive course that will not only teach you basic painting techniques but also clarifies which art supplies you need and how to work with canvas.

The Acrylic Painting Academy by Matthew Fussell

acrylic painting basics

This online acrylic painting course by Matthew is great for people that are just starting out. No prior experience is required, so all that you will need to prepare is your own motivation to learn.

The aim of the course is to lift you up from the beginner level to being able to produce professional acrylic paintings. Although the course mainly revolved around the videos, it also comes with some Ebooks for easy reference.

Every module builds upon the previous one and deals with topics such as art supplies, stretching canvas, mixing of paints, color theory, painting with a knife, etc. By simply following every step of the demonstration, you will be able to learn more than a year of pure trial and error.

Course Includes: 4 h of video, 33 supplemental resources, certificate of completion

Level: Beginner

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Acrylic Painting Techniques For Landscapes by Rod Moore

acrylic painting tutor

Landscape painting is a completely different beast from portraiture or still life painting. It looks so easy when you see an expert do it, yet it’s so difficult when trying to replicate it yourself. Bob Ross seems to be able to make an entire tree with just a single flick of the paintbrush.

This course by Rod teaches beginners all the tools they need to start painting their own landscapes. It starts with some basics such as which paints to use and which art brush is best for landscape painting.

It then transitions into other elements that are commonly found in landscapes such as skies, mountains, trees, cottages, farmhouses, grass, fences, etc. After mastering these individual components, you will soon be able to make your own composition or draw from an existing photo.

Course Includes: 4 h of video, certificate of completion

Level: beginner

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Acrylic Painting For Beginners: Dreamy Stories Told With Paint by Aga

acrylic painting lessons

Painting an exact replica of what you see in front of you can be incredibly hard and requires a tremendous amount of skill. But sometimes you don’t want to paint what is in front of you, but what you wish was in front of you.

If that is true for you, then this course might be a good fit. Rather than focussing on mastering certain painting techniques, the main goal is to learn how to create something from your imagination. Ideal for anyone that wants to tell a story!

However, you don’t need to worry if you are a complete beginner. The course is aimed at people just starting out, so it does include some basics such as the tools you need to get started, painting color gradients and composition tips.

Course Includes: 3.5 h of video, 5 articles, 5 supplemental resources, certificate of completion

Level: beginner

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Online acrylic painting classes

If you already know the basics or if you want to learn something specific, then taking individual painting lessons online in acrylics might be better than choosing a course. These lessons normally take less time and focus on just one subject.

Beginner Acrylic Painting: Paint a Green Apple by Linda Celestian

online acrylic painting classes

If you are just taking your first steps in acrylic painting than this lesson is a great start. Almost everyone starts their painting career by painting fruit. In this online lesson, Linda will guide you step by step and teach you how to paint an apple. By following the easy steps, you will get a better grip on mixing colors, creating soft gradations, etc. Make sure your first painting is a keeper by following this course.

Course includes: 24 min of video

Level: beginner

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Acrylics For Beginners: A Winter Scene by Doris Charest

acrylic painting classes for beginners

Even if you know how to paint a regular landscape, you will need a few extra techniques to really bring your winter scenes to life. In this online lesson, Doris will show you how to paint a snowy landscape by using a step-by-step process that you can easily follow. If you are painting along you can probably finish this lesson in under an hour.

Course includes: 28 min of video

Level: beginner

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