Online Glass Art Classes You Can Take Without Experience

online glass art classesWe use glass constantly in our daily lives, from letting the sunlight through your window to holding your hot tea in a cup.

But did you know that glass can also be a great medium for making art too?

If it sounds strange, you only need to think of the stained glass windows you can find in most churches.

You can make small stained glass windows and several other types of glass art such as fusing glass with a kiln, mosaics and glass painting right at home.

To help you get started, I have compiled a list of online glass working courses that you can take even without any previous experience.

Stained Glass Classes Online

learn to make a basic leaded stained glass window online courseMaking your own stained glass windows and using them for home decoration is becoming more and more popular as a hobby.

However, unless you live in an urban area, it might be difficult to find a place that teaches stained glass classes near you.

This course is great for anyone that wants to learn how to design their own stained glass window online.

It will start from at the beginnings, so even people without any experience are welcome. However, you do need to have the required cutting tools and a glass grinder if you don’t own any yet.

You will learn how to make patterns, cut the colored glass, and construct the window with lead and solder. The simple step by step videos will show every phase in detail.

After you finish the entire course, you are ready to take one increasingly complex designs even without having to take additional stained glass training courses.

Course includes: 2 h of video, certificate of completion

Level: beginner

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Online Glass Fusing Course

fused glass forming & slumping online lessonFusing separate pieces of glass together into plates, jewelry or dishes can result in stunning results.

However, since you need very high temperatures to fuse glass together, it used to be almost impossible to do it at home without a very expensive kiln. Fortunately, there are some alternatives such as a microwave kiln that lets you fuse glass even at home.

In this class, you will learn the right glass fusing techniques that will allow you to make beautiful designs that you can use to display in your own house or sell to others.

Throughout the course you will be working to create a small dish by cutting out the glass, firing the pieces, and using slumping temperature to add three dimensions to your work.

Course includes: 37 min of video

Level: beginner

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Powder Printing Class

fused glass printing with stencil screens and powder class onlinePowder printing is similar to fusing individual glass pieces together. However, instead of several big pieces, you will fuse a fine powder with a bigger glass plate.

There are many different ways to apply the powder to the glass.

One easy way to make sure you get the result you want is to use fused glass stencils or make your own stencils. This is comparable to screen printing on glass.

After learning how to print on glass, you will be able to designs that would be impossible with regular glass fusing techniques.

Course includes: 18 min of video

Level: beginner

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Online Mosaic Lessons

beginner glass mosaics course onlineMosaics are easy to make and can be fabricated out of many different materials, glass is one of them.

Depending on the equipment you have at home, you can either use pre-cut glass or cut your own pieces.

In this online lesson, you will learn how to use pre-cut glass to make a beautiful mosaic picture frame. So you won’t need any special glass cutting tools.

After finishing this small project, you probably don’t want to stop making mosaics anymore.

Course includes: 24 min of video

Level: beginner

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Glass Painting Classes

glass painting classes onlineIf you don’t have tools to make stained glass windows, you might want to consider making faux stained glass instead!

Faux stained glass looks similar to regular stained glass but is created by painting on glass instead. Which mean that anyone with basic painting skills can make these.

In this online class will focuses on painting on glass and make your own faux stained glass. You will learn what tools and paint to use, how to transfer your design to glass, and different painting techniques.

After you get the hang of painting glass, no glass surface in your house will be safe anymore!

Course includes: 22 min of video

Level: beginner

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Turning Your Wind Bottles Into Art

glass painting wine bottles online lessonDrinking wine is great. But now you will have one more good reason to do so.

This small online lesson will teach you how to paint on wine bottles to turn them into decorative vases.

Much better than just throwing them away!

All you need to do is to follow the simple instructions in the videos.

You can up your design even more by using a bottle cutter after painting to make vases of different sizes.

If you aren’t much of a drinker, you can use the same technique on any clear glass bottle or mason jar.

Course includes: 15 min of video

Level: beginner

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