These Online Watercolor Classes Will Make You A Great Artist

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Watercolors have captivated beginners and professional artist for centuries. It looks deceivingly easy, but everyone that has tried quickly realizes that looks can be deceiving.

Some artists even argue that watercolor paint might be the hardest of all the paints to work with. So don’t worry if you don’t get the results you want right from the start. Watercolor paint certainly has the tendency to go places you don’t intend to.

By taking a watercolor class you can quickly learn the basic techniques that you need to be in control of the paint and start making beautiful pieces of art.

Below you can find a collection of watercolor painting classes that you can take online any time you want.

Complete Online Watercolor Courses

If you are a complete beginner to watercolor painting, it’s best to choose a course that will take your hand and guide you step by step. From choosing the right materials to work with, to the basic painting techniques.

The Watercolor Workshop by Matthew Fussell

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If you are just starting out, you might want to take this online course by Matthew. It is aimed at beginner and intermediate artists that want to improve their techniques. The 19 modules will start with all the basic concepts you need to know and slowly build up to more advanced topics.

The first 6 modules will be especially useful if you are just starting out because they will deal with basic techniques (such as wet on dry, wet on wet, dry on wet, etc.), color theory and color mixing.

In modules 7 to 13, you will learn how to paint a woodland scene, a cityscape, and a portrait. If that sounds a little too daunting for now, don’t worry. Every is documented and you can follow along step by step.

The remaining 6 modules cover topics that might be useful not only for beginners but intermediate as well. They deal with topics such as combining watercolor paint with other media and more advanced techniques such as gouache and opaque watercolor painting.

Course Includes: 4.5 h of video, 18 illustrated ebooks, certificate of completion

Level: beginner

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Painting For The Petrified by Nicola Blakemore

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Many people would like to learn art but never take action because they have limiting beliefs. Thinking you aren’t good enough takes away all the fun and can turn any creative hobby into a nightmare.

If that sounds like you, this watercolor online course is just for you.

Rather than a conventional “teacher gives information” style approach, Nicola uses a teaching method that focuses on learning through fun and play that she calls “play-cedure“.

The course will involve several easy projects that any beginner can handle, such as painting fruit and greeting cards. It’s geared towards people just starting out and don’t have much experience with watercolor painting yet.

Course Includes: 3.5 h of video, 10 articles, 9 supplemental resources, certificate of completion

Level: beginner

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Individual Online Watercolor Classes

If you have been using watercolors for a while already and passed the beginner level, you might want to opt for individual lessons that teach you exactly what you want to know. Since most complete courses are focused mainly on beginners, you don’t want to waste time following one of those.

Fortunately, there are plenty watercolor painting classes online that you can choose from. While browsing these, you will probably come across a few projects and ideas you want to follow along.

We have selected some of our favorites below.

Fluffy Foxes in Watercolor by Olga Bonitas

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We all love fluffy animals. And I personally admit to watching way too many dog and cat videos on Youtube. If you are just like me, you might like this lesson that teaches you how to make fluffy and adorable foxes.

Painting these foxes requires three easy step:

  1. Creating a base using the wet-on-wet technique
  2. Using a squeezed brush to make the shape and volume
  3. Adding details like eyes and nose

Of course, more details on every step are in the course. And once you get the hang of these foxes, you will be able to paint many other kinds of fluffy animals as well.

Course Includes: 21 min of video, 3 projects

Level: beginner to intermediate

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Modern Watercolor Florals by Amarilys Henderson

watercolor workshop online

Besides landscapes and portraits, florals are also a common theme in watercolor painting. They look amazing and aren’t too difficult to paint yourself. If you know the right way and technique of course.

In this lesson, Amarilys will show you 3 popular methods of painting these watercolor flowers yourself. After watching several demonstrations, you will soon be able to paint some amazing flowers yourself.

The course also deals a little with composition, shading and color selection. So you can make the best possible painting.

Course Includes: 53 min of video

Level: intermediate

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Watercolor and Mixed Media by Ana Calderon

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You are on this page because you love watercolor paintings. I understand that. But sometimes you can make your watercolors painting even more amazing by incorporation a second or maybe even third medium as well.

This online watercolor class by Ana teaches you exactly that.

You will be introduced to some common options such as masking fluid, ink, and acrylics. But it doesn’t stop there. You can even use some common household items such as nail polish remover and salt.

As a final project, you will be painting clouds, which will give you the opportunity to include all the new techniques you learned in the class.

Course Includes: 2h 45 min of video, 1 final project

Level: intermediate

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