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Online weaving classes

Weaving is a craft that people have been doing for centuries and can be used to either make function items or pieces of art.

If you want to make your own scarfs, blankets and wall hangings then weaving will be the right hobby for you.

Since people figured out how to weave before the middle ages you don’t need to be afraid that it will be super hard to learn.

However, there are many different looms you can use nowadays and each one works a little different.

Below we listed a variety of different online weaving classes you can take if you don’t know where to start.

Online Rigid Heddle Weaving Class

loom weaving classes

The rigid heddle looks a little different from the lap loom that most people are familiar with.

Since the rigid heddle comes with some added components it can be tricky to set up the first time you are using it.

However, once you learn how to use a rigid heddle you will be able to weave faster and more efficient than other types of looms.

This weaving course will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

You will learn all the weaving basics such as choosing the best weaving loom for beginners, setting up the loom, standard weaving techniques and patterns and how to finish a project.

After mastering these basics you will get the try your new skills through three different projects: a fringe bag, a striped scarf, and a plaid dishtowel.

There is even a special lesson dedicated to fixing common mistakes. Because let’s face it, we all make them!

Course includes: 4.5 h of video

Level: beginner

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Frame Loom Weaving Course

weaving lessons

If using a rigid heddle loom looks a bit too difficult and complex, you can always start off by using a simple frame loom.

Weaving on this type of loom is easier for most people since there are fewer steps involved and everything is done manually.

This class offers you the option of learning weaving online.

It will introduce you to different weaving techniques that are often used to create decorative hangings such as the plain weave, utilize rya knots, incorporate soumak.

Even if you don’t have a loom yet, the instructor will give you some cheap options such as making your own loom or using household items.

Course includes: 45 min of video

Level: beginner

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Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques

rigid heddle weaving classes

There is more to weaving than just the plain weave. Unless you want to make the same thing over and over again.

If you want to make original and unique designs, learning finger-controlled techniques and pickup stick is the way to go.

This weaving class will teach you how to make tapestry-like effects with picked-up loops, Ghiordes knots, and weft floats.

By combining different weaving patterns and techniques you will be able to make weave designs that the world has never seen before.

This class is a little more challenging so you will need to know the weaving basics before you start.

Course includes: 3.75 h of video

Level: intermediate

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Yarn Dyeing

loom classes

To achieve the result you want, choosing the right yarn is crucial since it can come in a variety of different thicknesses and colors.

However, it is nearly impossible to find the exact color you want to use.

Rather than giving up on your creative ideas, why don’t you try coloring yarn yourself!

This online weaving workshop will teach you everything you need to know to start dyeing yourself.

By the time you finish the class, you will be able to create gradients, self-striping and hand-painted yarns using materials such as sock blanks, raw fiber and more.

You will never have to waste time online browsing for hours to find the perfect yarn.

Course includes: 1.75 h of video

Level: beginner

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