5 Best Osu Tablets In 2020 That Are Way Better Than A Mouse

I admit that I wasn’t the first on the osu! bandwagon. But when I gave it a shot, it didn’t take very long to grow fond of the combination of colors, music and speed. However, playing with a mouse if pretty clumsy and will definitely prevent you from reaching a new high score.

Many people are playing osu with a tablet because you can make smoother motions with a pen compared to a computer mouse. In one of our previous articles we already featured the best drawing tablets for digital artists.

However, as an osu! player you will be using the tablet for a completely different purpose and you don’t need to go with the most expensive drawing tablet you can find. In this article we will go over some of the best osu tablets.

Osu tablet Vs Mouse

If you are competitive like myself, you probably wondered at some point how to get better at Osu. Although you probably shouldn’t expect a tremendous improvement in your skills just because you changed to a tablet, not having a tablet definitely limits your potential.

The reason for this is the absolute tracking that a tablet provides, compared to the relative tracking of a computer mouse. This means that every point on the tablet directly corresponds to a point on the screen.

For example, tapping the bottom left corner of the tablet will always move the cursors to the bottom left on your screen. However, if you want to move the cursor by using the mouse, the amount you will have to move the mouse depends on your current sensitivity settings.

drawing tablet

Best Tablets For Osu

Below are 5 tablets that I would recommend to people that are looking to play osu! on a tablet. If you want to get a tablet that can be used for both osu! and digital art as well, it would be better to choose a model from this article on tablets for artists.

1. Huion H430P

Huion might not be a familiar name, but when osu! still sold their own tablets they sourced them from this company.

Huion is known to sell cheaper drawing tablets, that are great for osu!, since you don’t need most of the fancy extras.

Some people have mentioned that the surface feels a little unnatural, but once you start using it regularly you will probably get used to it quickly.

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2. Wacom Intuos

Wacom is the most popular brand when it comes to high quality drawing tablets, so it’s no surprise that one of their tablets is holding a high spot on the list.

The surface has a nice feel to it, using the pen feels very smooth, and has a very fast response time.

Additionally, the stylus doesn’t require a battery, so it’s relatively lightweight and feels comfortable.

When looking for a Wacom tablet for osu, stay away from the more expensive Cintiq, since you don’t need the extra features that come at the higher price point.

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3. XP-Pen G640

There are many Chinese companies that make cheap alternatives to Wacom. Although XP-Pen is one of them, their tablets are surprisingly good.

Their G640 model is thin, responsive, and pretty big for the price.

The tablet does get scratched pretty quickly though, so you might have to use a tablet cover. But overall it’s still a decent choice.

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4. Gaomon Osu Pad

Gaomon is another Chinese company that provides relatively cheap tablets.

Despite one of their models having “osu pad” in its name, they aren’t the best in my opinion.

Unlike most other tablets, it has a very thin and flexible surface that can even be rolled up.

However, the biggest downside is that the active area is a square, whereas most screens are rectangular.

If you can get used to the difference in aspect ratios this tablet isn’t that bad, but until that point it will feel very counterintuitive.

If you are looking for a cheap osu tablet, I would recommend the similarly priced XP-Pen.

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5. Veikk S640

Another tablet that might objectively not be the best, but is still a valid choice considering it’s the cheapest tablet on the list.

It has a simple design without any buttons, little input lag, and a thin surface.

However, since the pen is very smooth is does have a tendency to slip sometimes. So you might want to use it in combination with a tablet glove.

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What To Look For In A Drawing Tablet For Osu?

A few years ago osu! used to sell their own tablets that were designed specifically for playing the game. However, as far as I know they have stopped selling these tablets, and they recommend using a regular drawing tablet instead.

What distinguishes cheap drawing tablets from their expensive counterpart is their pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, extra buttons, etc. However, as an osu! player you don’t really need any of these extras. Since you mainly use a tablet for its absolute tracking (which every drawing tablet provides), a lot of the cheaper options become viable.

The only thing you want to pay attention to is the size of the active area of the tablet. Unlike digital artists, you don’t want to go with the biggest size your budget allows for. If your tablet is too big you will have to move your arm too much, whereas with a tablet that is too small you might have difficulty accurately moving the pen.