Tablet Gloves – Easy and Smooth Lines

If you purchased a drawing tablet, you might want to consider buying a tablet glove as well. Especially if you are working on a bigger tablet or an expensive one, using an artist glove is important.

A tablet glove is similar to a regular glove but with three fingers cut off. A regular drawing glove only covers the ring and pinky finger. This allows your remaining three fingers that hold the pen to be free.

Why You Need a Tablet Glove

If you bought a big drawing tablet, you probably did so to make wide strokes on it that you wouldn’t be able to make on a smaller tablet. However, without a drawing glove, the friction between your hand and the tablet might make it difficult to make smooth lines.

Especially after working with the tablet for a long period of time your hand might get sweaty and stick to the surface of the tablet. You will probably be pressing the undo button quit often. With a tablet glove, this will no longer be a problem.

Of course, for smaller tablets this might not be much of a problem and you might choose not to buy a tablet glove. There is one more problem though.

Keeping Your Tablet Clean

Our skin naturally excretes small amounts of oil and sweat over time. If you are working with your tablet a lot, this will eventually build up on the tablet screen.

Although, this is undesirable for any tablet, it is especially bad for direct tablets. Smudges and stains on the tablet screen will make it more difficult to work with.

A drawing glove will absorb most of the excrement and protect the underlying surface. You will be able to naturally rest your hand on the drawing surface without having to worry about making it dirty.


A tablet glove shouldn’t be a nuisance. It should be flexible, lightweight and most of all comfortable. It should allow you to smoothly glide over the surface with next to no friction, without leaving any marks behind. Additionally, a washable glove is definitely a pro as it will make it more durable.

Keep in mind that some drawing gloves only come in a free size. Meaning that artist with exceptionally big hands might find them uncomfortable. In that case look for a brand that sells gloves in different sizes.

Moreover, some tablet gloves can be used on either hand, while others are just for right or left-handed users.


Some of the famous brands that sell drawing tablets also sell artist gloves for drawing tablets. Examples are Huion and Ugee.

If you bought a Wacom Cintiq or a Wacom Intuos you might be looking for a Cintiq glove or a Wacom glove in general. Unfortunately, Wacom does not sell tablet gloves.

Our Recommendation

In general, we would recommend the Huion Artist Glove. Unlike some other drawing gloves, this one is specially designed to be used on graphic tablets. The black fabric is soft and comfortable to wear and is anti-fouling as well. Additionally, the Huion Artist glove can be used on both hands.

The Huion Artist Glove it free size thought. Perfect for artist with average hands. If you have rather small or big hands you might find them to be a little uncomfortable.

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