Uni Posca Paint Marker Review

uni posca markers reviewDo you feel like painting but feel like those big paint brushes are clumsy and difficult to use? Using an on the run paint markers can be the solution.

Lately using paint pens has become quite popular, especially the ones from Uni Posca have attracted quite some attention.

In our Uni Posca paint marker review today we will tell you everything you need to know to decide if these are the markers for you.

What is the Uni Posca Paint Pen?

The Uni Posca paint pen is one of the many products besides pens, markers and brush pens that the Japanese company called Mitsubishi Uni makes. Although most of their products are only sold in Japan, the Uni Posca paint pen has become popular abroad as well.

These paint pens look similar to other markers. The main difference is that paint pens contain paint instead of ink.

Additionally, the Uni Posca paint pen uses a water-based paint. This makes them behave very different from other tools such as Copic markers that are alcohol-based. They are basically like apples and pears.

Uni Posca Paint Pen Characteristics

You can buy the Uni Posca paint pens in 35 different colors. Which is plenty enough for most projects. Although it might be best to buy only a few of them to start with and get a feel for them.

Unfortunately, these paint pens are not designed to be refilled. Mitsubishi Uni recommends you buy a new marker every time you run out of paint. However, some people have tried to refill them with mixed results. If you are looking for a marker that lasts a bit longer and can be refilled, you might want to buy a set of Copic Markers.

The nibs are easily removable and can be reversed or replaced by other nibs. There are 5 different nib types and sizes that you can choose between depending on your work.

The opaque and fluid paint is completely odorless and provides a dense and smooth coverage. Although nobody really knows exactly which paint the Uni Posca paint markers uses, it feels very similar to painting with acrylics.

Since the paint is water based, colors can be mixed together or diluted with water when necessary.

What Can You Use These Paint Markers On?

The paint that the Uni Posca marker uses is very flexible and can be used on many different kinds of materials besides regular marker paper or canvas.

For example, you can use it as a marker for fabric when you make your own T-shirts or use it on ceramics to liven up your dishes and plates.

Check out this extensive list of over 55 materials such as wax, porcelain, denim, leather, wood, clay, etc. to find which materials are compatible with Uni Posca paint pens.

If you are still looking for a nice project you can do with your kid, you might want to consider making story stones. Stones is just one of the many different kinds of surfaces you can use Uni Posca markers on!

Are Posca Paint Pens Permanent?

When the paint is applied to porous surfaces like fabric it becomes permanent after drying. If you apply it to non-porous surfaces such as glass or porcelain it can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

However, there are a few ways to make the paint permanent on non-porous surfaces as well. You can either apply a varnish, iron it (for fabric), or bake it (for ceramics).

So if you want to make them waterproof, don’t forget to fixate the paint through a varnish, ironing or baking procedure.

How to Use Uni Posca Pens

Since the paint used by Uni Posca paint pens can be used on so many different surfaces, these markers are not just great for art but also to customize items around your own house.

When you receive your new Uni Posca markers and use them for the first time, you will notice that their nibs are still completely white. If you use them in that state, you might think they are broken since no paint comes out.

Before using new Uni Posca pens you should give them a good shake and press down the nib several times on a piece of paper. It might take a while, but the paint will slowly flow down and change the color of the tip. Now you can start using them like any other marker.

If you want to mix colors, you don’t need to do in a separate bowl. You can easily mix the paint on the surface while the paint is still wet. But keep in mind to work quickly since the paint dries pretty fast, especially on porous surfaces.

If you made a mistake, you don’t have to worry too much. You can simply wait a few minutes for the paint to dry and then overlay with a new color. Even light colors provide a surprisingly good overlay on top of darker colors.

Best Uni Posca Pens for Beginners to Begin With

uni posca where to buyIf you are still a beginner, it can be quite tricky to find the right colors to form a good set of markers to begin with.

If it’s your first time buying Posca markers, we recommend you to just buy a standard set instead of hand picking them. This normally saves you some money as well!

Although these sets can come in different sizes, make sure that you have enough colors, such that you won’t feel limited while painting.

The water-based pigment ink is non-toxic, waterproof and lightfast. Moreover, it doesn’t bleed like most alcohol based markers.

Although you can’t refill them, these markers can last for months and are a great combination with other media such as watercolors. Also, you don’t have to worry about where to buy Uni Posca markers since they are readily available on Amazon

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