Drawing Tablet Accessories for Wacom – 7 Necessary Items

Drawing Tablet AccessoriesDrawing tablets are crucial for any digital artist that will change the way you work. Unfortunately, owning just the tablet itself is often not enough anymore. Only very few can be used straight from the box without needing anything else. Here is a list of the best Wacom accessories that will go together with your tablet that I recommend.

1.Photoshop for Wacom Tablet

Often when you buy a cheap tablet, it won’t come with any drawing software or a very basic program. That’s why so many people use Photoshop in combination with their tablet.

Photoshop has been the most standard option when it goes to drawing software for a long time. It more or less has everything that you will need.

That being said, Photoshop is a little bit an jack of all trades and not specifically designed with digital painting in mind. So if you want to focus solely digital drawing, you might want to look at more specialized software.

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2.Wacom Tablet Case

If you are planning to bring your tablet to work, school or anywhere in general, you want to use a tablet case. This will keep your tablet safe while travelling and prevent scratches. Especially during rush hours, it’s almost impossible not to bump into people and objects.

Since different models have different sizes, you want to make sure to buy the right tablet cover for your specific model to guarantee a good fit.

Additionally, if you have a bigger tablet such as the Cintiq 13, I would recommend looking for a case that comes with a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry it.

3.Wacom Screen Protector

While a case or cover will protect your tablet while traveling, it won’t reduce wear from consistent usage. The drawing area of a tablet is sensitive and over time scratches may appear on the surface. Especially if you have the tendency to hold the pen tightly and push it down a little too hard, the scratches will appear sooner rather than later.

To protect your tablet from the repetitive rubbing of the pen nib on the sensitive surface, you can use a screen protector.

Just like cases, it’s best to buy a screen protector for your exact model. Spare yourself the hassle of cutting one that is too big or combining two small ones together.

The screen protectors can be a little glossy if you are not used to them. But you will quickly get used to it after working with one for a while though. A good quality screen protector might actually reduce some of the friction and make it easier to make smooth lines.

4.Drawing Glove

A drawing glove looks a little bit like a funny glove for only your pinky and ring finger, while your remaining 3 fingers are free. So why would you want one of these for you tablet?

First of all, it will lower the resistance between your hand and the tablet. This makes it much easier to make smooth gestures across the screen. Especially with larger tablet this can make a significant difference.

Secondly, it will help clean your tablet clean. You probably won’t notice it right away, but while you are using your tablet without a glove you are leaving behind small traces of oil and sweat on the screen. Over time this will build up and impact the performance. So it’s best to prevent it in the first place.

For more information, check out or article on drawing gloves.

5.Wacom Tablet Stand

Working with a tablet for a long time can put serious stress on your body. That’s why you want to make sure you are working from a position that is the most comfortable. This can mean making sure that your chair and desk are adjusted to your body, but also investing in a tablet stand.

A tablet stand lets you work on your drawing tablet under different angles and thus reduces the tension on your neck, shoulders and back. Moreover, a stand also helps to dissipate the heat generated by a tablet compared to one laying flat on a surface.

When you buy a tablet stand, make sure to get one that is big enough to support your entire drawing tablet such that it doesn’t stick out on the edges.

6.Wacom Wireless Accessory Kit

Most Wacom tablets require you to plug in the tablet into your computer or laptop. All those cables can clutter up your workspace which is normally already super busy.

The Wacom wireless accessory kit will let you use your tablet wirelessly up to 10 meter away from your computer. Simply plug the the module into your tablet and the receiver into your computer and you are done.

Make sure your Wacom tablet is compatible with the wireless kit. Most Bamboo and Intuos models are fine, but it doesn’t work with the Cintiq.

7.Wacom Nib and Pen Replacements

Over time the nibs of your pen will slowly become shorter or become deformed due to wear and tear. You want to change them when they become around 1 mm or else it becomes difficult to remove them.

Normally you will receive a few extra nibs with your tablet. But considering your tablet normally lasts much longer than a few nibs, you will have to get some replacement nibs sooner or later.

The Wacom pen itself is fortunately pretty sturdy and will last you a long time. But if you are like me, you will probably lose your pen eventually. So I try to have a backup pen just to be safe.