Best Paper For Watercolor Pencils

Did you try using watercolor pencils on regular printer paper or a leftover newspaper?

If you did, you probably didn’t like the result after applying water.

Just like regular watercolors, when you are working with watercolor pencils you need to use special paper. In this article, we will go over the best paper for watercolor pencils.

Criteria Of Paper For Watercolor Pencils

Best paper for watercolor pencils

As mentioned above, when using watercolor pencils we recommend using the same kind of paper as used for watercolors.

The first thing to look at is if the paper is hot pressed or cold pressed. Cold pressed paper gives a rough texture which soaks up water much faster. Hot pressed paper has a more smooth texture and as a result will take longer to absorb the water. However, this does allow for easier mixing since the paint doesn’t dry that fast.

Next, consider the weight of the paper you are going to use for your watercolor pencils. This is an important factor in determining how well the paper can absorb the water and the paint. A general rule of thumb: heavier weight can absorb more water and does a better job at doing so.

The last factor you might want to consider is if the paper is acid-free. If the paper is processed using acids, the paper and ink will slowly change color and become brittle over time. Although not very important for beginning artists, the professional would be better of with acid-free paper.

Best Paper for Watercolor Pencils

For beginners, we recommend the Canson XL watercolor pad that can be used with watercolor pencils as well. This paper is cold pressed using sustainable processes and can withstand several washes. This means you can reapply color several times. It comes with 30 sheets that are 9 inches by 12 inches in size and is totally acid-free.
If you have a slightly higher budget you might want to go with the watercolor pad by Arches.In contrast to the pad above, this paper is hot pressed. It is completely made out of natural cotton fibers and works great with watercolor pencils. It contains 12 natural white sheets that are 9 inch by 12 inch in size and completely acid free. If you are looking for the best paper for watercolor pencils, you don’t need to look further.

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