6 Must Have Weaving Tools For Weaving

Weaving can be a lot of fun, but it’s definitely not always easy. Especially for beginners.

Owning and knowing how to use the right weaving tools and weaving accessories can be a real life-saver.

Some weaver tools are used all the time, whereas others serve a very specific function and are only used in special cases. Although you might strive to eventually own all of them, we have compiled a list of the 6 most useful weaving tools to start with.

Warping Peg / Warping Board

For every beginner at weaving, setting up the warp can be a big headache at the start of every new project. Using a warping peg or warping board can help simplify this project; it will help keep the warp yarn under control while measuring the warp. This is one of those loom tools that will make using a loom much easier.



These are normally rectangular pieces of wood with notches at the ends. You wrap the fiber around them and then use them to slide across your weaving. This much easier and time efficient than passing a big ball of yarn through your warp. Although there are different types of shuttles out there, the most common ones are the stick shuttle, the boat shuttle and the ski shuttle. They all come with their own pros and cons. The ski shuttle, for example, is ideal when you are using bulky yarn of fabric strips.

Shed Stick / Weaving Sword

If you are using a loom without a reed you will manually have to separate you warp threads for your shuttle to pass through. This is where owning a shed stick (also known as a weaving sword) comes in handy. The shed stick is a long rectangular piece and is woven through the warp, just like a thread would. You can then rotate the shed stick to a horizontal or vertical position to higher or lower a set of warp threads. Definitely a big time save! If you don’t have a shed stick laying around, you can also try to use a ruler or yardstick as a substitute.

Fringe Twister

The fringe twister is a handy little device that will help you give nice finish to your project. You can used them to tie the ends of you scarves, wind cords or make your own twist silvers.

Weaving Needle / Tapestry Needle

The weaving needle, also known as the tapestry needle, can be used to weave in loose yarn ends and to weave a different color or shape into an existing piece. They work similar to sewing needles, except that they don’t need to piece fabric, but is used to go through the warp and are normally used in small areas. The weaving needle can be made out of a variety of materials such as wood, metal or plastic.

Weaving Comb

The weaving comb can come in all different kinds of sizes and are normally made from either wood or acrylic. They are used to firmly press down each new weft row as you go. This will make your weave stronger and look more consistent throughout. Alternatively, you could just use your fingers or a fork to even out the weft.

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